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Warning: This comic contains adult language, voilence, nudity, sexual images, and adult themes it is intended for mature audiences.

The Druids Comic has come to a conclusion, there will be no more updates to the site. It's been a wild ride and thanks for all the support. We'll be starting Skylords in January of 2021. Please follow us on Patreon, Twitter, or Facebook for additional information.

About the Artist

As I prefer to go by my online handle, my name is Amocin, most people call me Amo though. I guess its easier to remember and type that way. Anyhow, I have been drawing for a very long time now, and have always loved drawing comics and making characters with long backgrounds. Most of my works have a story behind them, be it that it was due to an RP, or simply a story I thought up on the fly, not a single picture doesn't have a good paragraph behind it.

I am a big gamer, be it RPGs or MMOs, and have used Druids to express my love of the gaming world

You can email me any time at druidscomic@gmail.com.

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Q: Can I be in the comic?
A: No. Those I want in the comic, I will bring into the comic and contact them first, so please do not ask. If you continue to ask to be in the comic after I have told you the answer is no, I will blacklist you from any contests, auctions, or prizes that could feature a cameo character.

Q: Where do Kinar's scars come from?
A: All will be revealed in the comic. What I will reveal is the scars came from her shitty attempts at healing herself, or damage that was so critical, it nearly killed her. Things leave scars yo.

Q: Why doesn't Serid look like an actual Tauren?
A: A bit of Artistic license, and a bit of story reasons. You guys do realize that there is a Bison Tauren, or at least there was when I last checked. Tauren, at least as I imagined are not all domesticated cows, but are in fact just Bovine. Those considered Bovine in the genetic pool range from Cows, Bison, Yaks and Antelope. Thought they will be just as rare as they are in WoW, they will occur... Also at the time of its creation, I really didnt care as I was drawing it for me. Others should not have the ability to dictate how I wish to draw art for myself. Now that it is continuing because you guys like it so much, anything after I give you free reign to tell me something is wrong.. Serid will remain the same though.

Q: It doesn't make sense that two characters who should be enemies would get along.
A: They are both Druids.. Night Elves and Tauren Druids have been working together with little conflict for a long time. Even if this were not true, I do not think I have to tell you guys the story of Romeo and Juliette.. It happens.

Q: Will there be homosexual content in this comic?
A: While I had given it serious thought before, I am going to have to say sorry, but no. This comic centers around the two main characters of Kinar and Serid, so to give spotlight to two new characters for the sake of such content would really take away from what I am hoping to accomplish. Fear not, there are plenty of comics out there to suit your interests, you need only look.

Q: Are you Serid/Kinar?
A: I think you guys ask if one of my Fursona is Serid is because you think I am a male, which I am not, and the answer is no either way. Kinar is not a self insertion of me either. They were both made for the purpose of this comic and have no relation to me or anybody I know in real life. I wanted to do something new, that meant making new characters.

Q: Will there be Mists of Pandara Content or Pandaren in the comic?
A: MoP content may make appearances here and there in the comic as far as powers and items go, but for Pandaren, the answer is no. Why? Because I have not become familiar with their lore, and the comic was written out well before that expansion. Powers and items can easily be added into the comic, where as other races and characters can not.

Q: Why do the Worgen and Tauren have a human like penis rather then a knot for the Worgen or a horse like penis for the Tauren?
A: There are several reasons for this. The most important one is personal preference. I like the look of the human penis and drawing it more then that of the animal penis. While I am not incapable of drawing it, and have done so on commissions that request it, its just not my personal preference.

Also, as far as Tauren go, please don't tell me that a human penis doesn't belong on a bovine, but an equine penis does. Its just silly. A horses penis looks nothing like a bull penis. Don't tell me I can't draw one 'incorrect penis' and then ask me to draw an equally incorrect one in its place.

Q: Why don't you post more then once a week?
A: I have a very active family life that keeps me busy. At this time it is simply not possible to produce more art then I currently am, and even that can prove difficult at times. I understand that you guys want more, and I would love to give you more, however I just do not have the time right now to draw two pages a week.

Q: Why is X character doing Y?
A: I get a lot of questions as to the motivations of some of the characters. Why they do things one way, and so on. The answer is simple. Read and find out. Answers are not always going to be presented right away. Sometimes its left for you to wonder and question their motivations, and pick up on clues here and there. Drogan was always the red dragon, and yet it took awhile to figure that out. That is the art of story telling.

If you have more questions, please email me at druidscomic@gmail.com with the Subject of "Druids"


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