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New Dontation Page
by Amocin on 28th May 2012, 3:58 PM

I added a new donation page to explain the donations since I've been getting a lot of emails about them lately.  Check it out under About > Doantion or click Here. This should hopefully answer everyone's questions. Also, a reminder, there are only 3 days left to get the donation picture for May. Thanks a ton for those who donated, you all make me feel all special <3

New Comic and May Donation
by Amocin on 25th May 2012, 8:49 AM

The new comic page is up.  Currently there is only 6 more days left in May to donate.  Donators of at least $5 will receive an exclusive, fully-colored, uncensored, erotic picture featuring Anders and Kinar.  Here is a sample: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/8031954/

As a reminder, please include your email address in the notes section when donating.  I appreciate all of my loyal fans and thank youf or donating!

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May Donation Picture
by Amocin on 3rd May 2012, 8:56 AM

Again, I want to thank everyone for donating in April.  I really hope you enjoy the picture.

For May I have another erotic scene between Anders and Kinar, so like normal, those who donate at least $5 in the month of May will get this exclusive, fully colored, uncensored a juicy erotic picture.  Just for my fans.  A reminder to put your email address in the notes field when donating and as usual I really appeciate all of your support.

Now, I have something special planned for those who donate above and beyond and donate more than $5 a month (I have a super secret number in mind).  I haven't fully decided just what yet, but I have a plan to do it later this year.  I will give you more information when I think of it.

Thank you all for donating, your support is very encouraging =)

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