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by Amocin on 25th Aug 2012, 12:45 PM

 I have a lot of new donators this month, so I wanted to make sure you read this.

YOU HAVE to send me your PP name and the email you want to get the pictures at. Please email me at Druidscomic@gmail.com. I do not assume that your PP email is your email, as many people share PPs, and would rather not send these pictures to somebodies mother on accident. If your PP email is your personal email, still email me to confirm.

Please email me guys, I have quite a few of you who I have not gotten emails for. Also, if you donated in the past, and didnt get that picture, its likely cause I never got your email. You can still let me know about it to get a passed picture you donated for but never got.


Worse Things
by Amocin on 24th Aug 2012, 8:56 AM

The new comic is up! I hope you enjoy it.

Also, there is only 1 week to get the August picture as well as 1 week left qualify for our "super special awesome" donator gift: a printed copy of the first 54 pages.

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August Sample
by Amocin on 21st Aug 2012, 9:51 PM

The August Sample is up on the donations page! Check it out here! Ten Days Left to get the picture, also, if you wanted a printed copy of the first 54 pages of Druids, you're running out of time!