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by Amocin on 3rd Dec 2012, 5:56 PM

December Picture Announced

The December picture has been announced.  It will be a Christmas themed picture with Kinar and Serid.  I have already started working on it. Read more here!

Printed Comic

I got the latest printed comic sample of the first 52 pages in and it looks great! I have sent an order off to the printer for actually copies. I had to buy a certain quantity, so what I have decided to do is sign and give a personalized little doodle for each of those who qualified for the premium donators award back in August. I will be able to offer the remaining quantity for those who donate a certain amount. I haven't decided on the amount yet, but I wanted to let it be known that there will be extra quantity. So if you want a printed copy, you'll have to act fast before supply is gone.

Last Day of the Month
by Amocin on 30th Nov 2012, 8:44 AM

A few updates:

1) This is the last day to donate for the November picture! Don't miss out!

2) I finally got the latest sample copy from the new printers.  It looks SOOOO much better.  So now I'm preparing to order the quantity that I need and hopefully in a few weeks I can start sending out those printed copies promised months ago.  For those donors, I'm also going to sign the copy and try to get it out as soon as possible.  I will reach out to you guys if I need additional info.  I'm bummed that this took so long, but in the end I like the product I got and I now have a reliable printer.

3) I REALLY want to make a plush toy of either Baby Anders or Amo, but the minimum I have to order is something rediculous like 300.  So if I can get enough votes of people who would want one, I can justify ordering that many.  If not, then bummer =*(.  Please Vote Here

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Plush Toy Vote
by Amocin on 21st Nov 2012, 11:23 PM

I created the forum to do the plush toy vote.  Sign up and have a vote, if I get enough votes I might be able to make it a reality!

Vote Here!