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January Sample is available
by Amocin on 29th Jan 2013, 5:41 PM

I know it's a bit late, but there are still a few days left to donate for january!  Here is the sample: http://druids.thecomicseries.com/donation

Finally Back
by Amocin on 26th Jan 2013, 6:18 PM

I finally got back from the hospital and feel much better.  I have bottles of pills and a schedule to take them.  I got the comic up (finally) and I'm going to work hard to get the sample picture out as soon as I can.  Thank you all for your patience and support.  There are only a few more days left to donate!  This month picture will involve dragons! Three of them....oh my!

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Late Comic
by Amocin on 24th Jan 2013, 1:15 PM

I wanted to let everyone know that I have been stuck in the Hospital due to a Kidney Infection since Wednesday.  They require that I stay for 48 hours which means they likely won't let me out until 3pm CST on Friday.  I wasn't expecting this so this Friday's comic will be late.  I am going to try and shoot for Saturday since there is only about 2-3 more hours left on the comic itself.  Next week will not be late and this shouldn't impact anything else.  But for right now I'm going to rest and recover.  Thanks for your patience and support!