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September Announcements
by Amocin on 5th Sep 2013, 8:59 PM

September Donation Picture

This month's donation picture will involve Ashiana and a Fire Cat as seen on Page 97 (Not necessarily the character).  For a minimum of $ 5 USD Donation you get the exclusive adult picture as a gift.  I love all of my fans and your continued support, if feels all warm and fuzzy that the comic has been going on for this long =)

Addition to the Picture Bundles

I've decided to add January Through May of 2013 into the pictre bundle options.  A minimum donation of $ 25 USD will get you any five pictures from 2012 / Jan - May of 2013.  This is the perfect way for new readers and fans to get pictures they might have missed.  When donating, just email me what pictures you want.  Read More.

Tell me what you think of the Monthly Pictures

If you have donated sometime in the past, pelase take a few moments to fill out this feedback form.  I very much want to hear everyone's opinion on how they like the monthly pictures, if they have any ideas for future ones, and if they want to see any other forms of rewards.  Everyone's input is very valuable to me.  Be honest!

Premium Donator Rewards

There are still some spots left for the limited Cameo Role.  Have your character be a part of the comic.  Read More.

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2 Days Left for August
by Amocin on 30th Aug 2013, 8:48 AM

I hope everyone has a happy Labor Day weekend.  There are only 2 more days left to donate.  As per usual, I love all of my supported fans (and the non-supportive ones too) =)

August Sample Picture
by Amocin on 24th Aug 2013, 5:19 PM

The August Sample picture is online - Kinar, Amo and Anders.  Have a look.  There is a week left to donate!  Thanks for your support <3