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Please Remember to Email Me!
by druids on 26th Dec 2013, 12:35 PM

Looking over my donation file, I noticed that a number of donators have no contacted me with their email address  Remember, I do not assume that your paypal email address is YOUR email address.  I've known lots of people who share emails and I don't want to assume anything.  So when you donate, please email me at druidscomic@gmail.com and tell me which email address you want the pictures send to.  You only have to do this once.

I don't want people thinking that they got duped or scammed when they didn't get their picture.  I need your email address before I send out that picture.

Oh, and Happy Holidays / Christmas / Kwanzaa / Hanukkah / Winter Solstice / New Years / Whatever you celebrate during this time of year.  =)

December Sample
by druids on 23rd Dec 2013, 4:54 PM

I know I have been lazy and not posting news much, that will probably be the norm.  However, the December Sample picture is online.  Have a look on our donation page!

Happy Holidays and thanks for your continued support!

Computer Exploded
by druids on 24th Oct 2013, 10:27 PM

So some bad news. Yesterday my hard drive died, so I lost this page and the monthly picture (among a number of other things).  I am going to attempt to get the hard drive recovered but the verdict hasn't been good yet and I'm worried about how expensive it might be (I was quoted some silly numbers).  Next week I'm going to bust my ass and re-draw the monthly picture if I can't get it salvaged, but it could be a bit late.

I prided myself on getting a page up every week regardless of illness or even child birth and raising.  I'm really pissed off that my computer decided to die the day before the comic is due and I didn't even get my computer back until about 3 hours ago.  It's frustraiting and has taught me to back up my work more regularly.  Stupid technology.

On that note, I don't want to play a pity card, but all the donations help to get me back up to speed.  I plan on not missing a week, but this weeks page will likely come later (so I'll end up posting like two a week if I can get my data back. 

Just a note, there is only about a week left to donate for the October picture with Shai and Amo in a Halloween theme.  As per usual, I love my fans and appreciate all of your support. =)