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Feb Sample Online
by Amocin on 20th Feb 2014, 2:08 PM

The Feb 2014 Sample is available here: http://druids.thecomicseries.com/donation/

Thanks for your support!

January Sample
by Amocin on 26th Jan 2014, 12:39 PM

The sample is online.  Check it out.  There is just a few more days left in the month to take advantage of the sale!

Also, please remember, if you donate for something other than the monthly picture or are a first time donator, you MUST email me to confirm your email address.  I don't send emails to the paypal email address.  Also, if you want something other than the monthly, I need to know what it is.  So if you've donated and haven't gotten anything, chances are it's because you haven't emailed me!

Thanks for your support!

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January ONLY Sale
by Amocin on 3rd Jan 2014, 12:45 AM

I am running a sale for new fans and new donators for the month of January only.  It's sort of a new year celebration.  Here are the discounts:

New Year Sale (All of January):
Bundles have been extended to October of 2013

New Fan/Donator Sale (Even though it applies to everyone):
All 2012 pictures: $ 40 USD (That's a 20% discount)
All 2013 pictures: $ 50 USD
All pictures to date: $ 90 USD
Small Cameo Role (2-3 panels) (limited quantity): $ 50 USD

This will only run during this month so take advantage of it while you can!  Enjoy!  Again, thanks for all of your support and remember if you are a new donator to send me a confirmation of your email address.

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