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Warning: This comic contains adult language, voilence, nudity, sexual images, and adult themes it is intended for mature audiences. Updated every Monday!

New Comic!
by Amocin on 24th Feb 2012, 4:02 PM

The new comic is online.  Originally when I said Fridays I meant Friday morning, but I got preoccupied.  Sorry about that guys!  But without further delay, please enjoy the new comic!

Welcome to Druids!
by Amocin on 21st Feb 2012, 1:21 PM

So the druids comic has moved over to this new service.  Now I have the ability to make blogs and we can post comments and generally aren't limited by various restrictions.  I've been working quite a bit on this new layout and adding images.  I plan to clean it up more as time goes on.  But for now the format is pretty much locked in place. 

Please feel free to leave comments on the comic pages themselves, I'm always happy to hear the feedback of fans

Oh, and tell your friends, this is where the comic will be updated hence forth, FA will likely only get the line art. 

Since it is challenging to juggle life and make a fully colored comic each week, please donate so I can be lazy and only draw art (and porn)