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The Group Approaches

2nd Jan 2014

The Group Approaches

The Group Approaches

2nd Jan 2014

Author Notes:

Amocin 2nd Jan 2014, 11:00 PM edit delete
This page features a cameo of one of our donators. Thank you guys for your support, you have been awesome.

I am running a sale for new fans and new donators for the month of January only. It's sort of a new year celebration. Here are the discounts:

New Year Sale (All of January):
Bundles have been extended to October of 2013

New Fan/Donator Sale (Even though it applies to everyone):
All 2012 pictures: $ 40 USD (That's a 20% discount)
All 2013 pictures: $ 50 USD
All pictures to date: $ 90 USD
Small Cameo Role (2-3 panels) (limited quantity): $ 50 USD

This will only run during this month so take advantage of it while you can! Enjoy! Again, thanks for all of your support and remember if you are a new donator to send me a confirmation of your email address.

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Rembrant 3rd Jan 2014, 12:25 AM edit delete reply
Oh, cool, we get to see new folks, that's a surprise seeing more folks in that nearby area. Oh, and you typed "Drogan is'nt", in the final panel, so should be "Drogan isn't"
Amocin 3rd Jan 2014, 12:29 AM edit delete reply
Yes, time for non-worgen/tauren stuff.. Also, I already fixed the error.
Mura 4th Jan 2014, 4:28 PM edit delete reply
Troll action? :D<3
A lurker 3rd Jan 2014, 12:33 AM edit delete reply
I love the design of the female general. Nice to see women in strong leadership roles!
Guesticus 3rd Jan 2014, 6:48 AM edit delete reply
Why shouldn't there be women in strong leadership roles? If they are strong, they lead, not just becuase they have an extra appendage dangling between their legs (and couldn't lead something somewhere {yeah, completely lost that analogy :(})
A lurker 3rd Jan 2014, 2:25 PM edit delete reply
I certainly didn't say that there shouldn't be. I was just saying that it seems most of the 'leader' characters thus far seem to be male, and it tends to be a bit of a stereotype in the gaming world.
Guesticus 6th Jan 2014, 8:00 AM edit delete reply
Depends on which world you game in :P
Guest 3rd Jan 2014, 2:26 AM edit delete reply
whose she?
Dreamfox 3rd Jan 2014, 4:40 AM edit delete reply
I'd say that is Hotah, the Taunka that runs the show here. Before someone asks, Taunka's are a species of Tauren. No idea if that's canon, but that's thestory here and I have no problem with it.
Amocin 3rd Jan 2014, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
Taunka are canon, though in game the female model is the same as the Tauren female.. so only the males look different... which i find lame, so I changed the look of the female only, to match the male.

And yes, that is Hotah, Drogan spoke of her earlier.
Guest 6th Jan 2014, 10:27 AM edit delete reply
what page? and I might have missed something...but didn't Drogan and the group entered that dome thing? are they still inside?
Amocin 8th Jan 2014, 9:26 AM edit delete reply
He mentions her on page 91, and yes they are still in the dome.
Zack the Wolf-Fox 9th Jan 2014, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
why is there a Fort inside the dome where Mordin? seeing that Mordin has a small Army of Death Knights and maybe some undead dragons I am surprised that the Fort isn't destroyed along with everyone else.
Amocin 9th Jan 2014, 7:56 PM edit delete reply
The name Zack isnt banned, but if you are the Zack from before and start behaving as such, you will be removed as well.. It just takes time before I approve things.

Also the fort is there because it was there long before the dome was put in place.
Amocin 10th Jan 2014, 8:29 AM edit delete reply
Oh, so you are the Zack from before.. Good to know.. You know its probably not a wise idea to call people names, more so the person you want to unban you. Do you really think thats going to endear me towards you?

Stop being malicious, rude, and cursing because you didnt get your way. Your new name is banned, Have a nice day.
Bloodfalcon 3rd Jan 2014, 2:41 AM edit delete reply
Donate and good things will . . . will happen, wow almost made a bad pun there.
Sarion 3rd Jan 2014, 3:49 AM edit delete reply
Hmm i do find it interesting that its another death knight addressing the general, and its the faction Drogan is a part of? if so what made him generally dislike death knights when he had been working with them before? it didnt take him long to warm up to Amo :)
Amocin 3rd Jan 2014, 3:52 AM edit delete reply
Drogan's dislike of Death Knights is purely because he is a Red Dragon. They are tied to life, and undeath is fundamentally wrong to them and disturbs them on a level we can never hope to understand. This does not mean that they can not occasionally work with them, or even learn to see some redeemable qualities.. but there will always be a nagging feeling to the red dragons that something about DKs just feels off, giving them a rather disturbing itch.
Guest 3rd Jan 2014, 5:12 AM edit delete reply
Ok, That seems reasonable :)
Guest 5th Jan 2014, 8:23 PM edit delete reply
So it's just kind of the uncanny valley for Drogan, I see?
Dreamfox 3rd Jan 2014, 4:43 AM edit delete reply
Even if there wasn't the red dragon explanation, there is also the old:
"The enemy of my enemy is my... *sound of grinding teeth* friend."
Guesticus 3rd Jan 2014, 6:51 AM edit delete reply
Just because he doesn't like them as a group doesn't mean he can't work with/tolerate individuals (for short periods of time at least)
Viverred 3rd Jan 2014, 4:12 PM edit delete reply
he did more than tolerate, nuff said?
Aldrick 3rd Jan 2014, 7:04 AM edit delete reply
wow.The tauren female models is very nice.
And another with pink hair is Taunka too? Very good work, Amo. You are the best furry artist I know. Keep it up!
Amocin 3rd Jan 2014, 8:47 PM edit delete reply
White one is Taunka, pink haired is Tauren. And thank you. ^.^
Dargon 3rd Jan 2014, 7:19 AM edit delete reply
Great pannel,love the look of the charactors and the feel of the story.

Also,I have tried several times to "rate" this comic as I feel it's rating is Much to low.But every time I do it say's eror. I have done everything but call them.Perhaps you can shed some light on this problem? Am I doing something wrong,Or is it just them?
Amocin 3rd Jan 2014, 8:48 PM edit delete reply
I do not know how to fix the rating system if it does not work for you.. but i will look into it.
Kit 6th Jan 2014, 9:51 PM edit delete reply
You must be logged into a user account on the site to rate it. That's to prevent vote stuffing quite as easily.
Dargon 8th Jan 2014, 9:06 AM edit delete reply
I am logged in and even subscribed to this commic.
Still,it won't let me rate it...
But thank you for the help.
3D 3rd Jan 2014, 10:23 AM edit delete reply
Will we ever see the other races (including humans) in this comic?
Amocin 3rd Jan 2014, 11:21 AM edit delete reply
There are some in the background currently.. I wouldnt be willing to put them in the background if I wasnt willing to get closer up.
3D 4th Jan 2014, 1:38 PM edit delete reply
Sorry XD hahaha
I have a tendency to overlook things like that lol
BigTuk 3rd Jan 2014, 10:35 AM edit delete reply
I really like this comic.. it hits 4 of my 7 happy buttons.
Josh.C 3rd Jan 2014, 1:31 PM edit delete reply
So the general is about to meet Kinar and group.

Maybe we'll learn now why She's so special and why Drogan was sent out to collect her.

I like that Tauren following behind the General. Interesting color scheme.
Nielspeterdejong 3rd Jan 2014, 1:48 PM edit delete reply
Awesome new page Amo!


Also I just send you a note about the cameo option :)
FoxyWolf 3rd Jan 2014, 2:05 PM edit delete reply
Taunka! :D
samus500 3rd Jan 2014, 3:53 PM edit delete reply
when is there gonna be another sex scene not that i dont like the story so far its amazing but im just wondering
Amocin 3rd Jan 2014, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
I dont answer this question anymore.. The next sex scene happens when it happens. Be patient.
RedLion2000 3rd Jan 2014, 4:22 PM edit delete reply
Aww...cute bovine females in general, especially the Taunka in the last panel. Your work never ceases to amaze me.

*considers the cameo donation with one of his now-retired WoW characters*
Philo Wintercoat 4th Jan 2014, 2:14 PM edit delete reply
"…Watch the flames burn auburn on the mountainside… …Now I see fire, inside the mountain. I see fire, burnin' the trees…"
Josh.C 4th Jan 2014, 11:07 PM edit delete reply
Hmmmmmmmmmmm....Considering what we've heard about the Worgen and Tauren relations, I wonder if those feelings follow down all the different sub-species?
Rankamateur 6th Jan 2014, 1:13 PM edit delete reply
Would it be stating the obvious to say I believe the cameo character on this page is the pink-haired Tauren? It may just as likely be the Worgen Death Knight, though. Perhaps both...?

I like the Tauren's unusual mane color. Makes you wonder if she hung out with the gnomes a bit too much...:)
Amocin 6th Jan 2014, 1:23 PM edit delete reply
The Cameo is the worgen only. The Pink haired Tauren is one of the characters I created for this story. She has her own part to play.
ProjectNull 7th Jan 2014, 6:12 PM edit delete reply
ALright finally had time to catch up on this ^^ great work as always, and looking forward to seeing more pages.
CaptainZilla 9th Jan 2014, 8:04 AM edit delete reply
Awesome comic Amo!

You always seem to draw the best Worgen, their always so cute in their own ways! <3
Guest 9th Jan 2014, 11:58 PM edit delete reply
Wow....I never seem to get bored :D. I really love the way the story presents itself :). I LOVE this comic! :D. Also, this may sound silly, but is Hotah female? the chest is showing or so?
Amocin 10th Jan 2014, 12:11 AM edit delete reply
Her coat is very fluffy, so its hard to make out whats on her chest.. But she is a female.
Mangix 10th Jan 2014, 12:29 AM edit delete reply
Thank you for clarifying this. Also, sorry for the comment JUST before, I forgot to place my alias on there :(.
Danthehorseman 17th Jan 2014, 3:37 AM edit delete reply
sexy cows me like. I hope your in good health and high spirits soon I get paypal I send you 150 for all the extra mouthly pictures if that is ok. I hope your well. I look forward to more soon. I love your comic and detail and colour and design so much. I hope your well. I hope to see more Tauren on Tauren soon Bye for now. have a nice evening and weekend. God bless take care be safe watch out for danger in life and wow. Bye Daniel.
Guest 29th Aug 2016, 4:11 AM edit delete reply
Might we ever get to see Hotah in a donation picture?