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Archers on the Wall

5th Feb 2015

Archers on the Wall

Archers on the Wall

5th Feb 2015

Author Notes:

Amocin 5th Feb 2015, 11:00 PM edit delete
Still working a lot on learning backgrounds and lighting.. Guh.. Their armor has killed my hand.

Nightwill the tauren
Leyami the worgen

This months donation pic is going to be Anders and Amo. I have not done those two together in awhile.

On a side note, nobody has fleas right now.. they are in a cold ass area.. but when you get to those warmer areas... those with fur worry... greatly.

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Frostfire Phoenix 6th Feb 2015, 3:07 AM edit delete reply
OMG FINALLY HUNTERS!!!!! sorry My best character is my hunter.. anyways awesome Amocin! and just to let you know between watching you grow in this comic and one of my best friends who is also a artist.. had gotten my creative juices rolling and with in a couple of weeks I will get my first drawing tablet, as much as I love drawing with a mouse.. will turn my drawings into some work.. yet I will never be as great as you Amo..

I hope you are doing good and not working too hard. and hope the family is doing well and cant wait till next friday~~~
Sonney 6th Feb 2015, 3:22 AM edit delete reply
Really loving the comic! Can't wait to see next week.
shadow dracul 6th Feb 2015, 3:28 AM edit delete reply
Yay Amo is back now for her to learn that everyone knows about Kinar and Serid. Also awesome work but it would be easier to see if it was just a bit lighter out
Guest 6th Feb 2015, 3:39 AM edit delete reply
i wish there was more then one new page a week your stuff is awsome ^_^
danthehorseman 6th Feb 2015, 3:41 AM edit delete reply
very nice love the cows and worgens have a nice weekend have a lovely valentines day. bye for now danny.
wolfman88 6th Feb 2015, 3:41 AM edit delete reply
You still doing great amo and I will keep you in prayer for your hand we all love your art.
IronWolfQueen 6th Feb 2015, 4:02 AM edit delete reply
Nicely done page regardless, and Yay the return of Amo and company!
Rankamateur 6th Feb 2015, 4:37 AM edit delete reply
Sorry about the complexity of the armor, but what can I say? I like spikes.

The armor doesn't have a THING on the pet I picked up in Pandaria, though:

Amocin 6th Feb 2015, 9:05 AM edit delete reply
Oh my gosh that pet is so awesome!

And i only complain about armor the first time, second time drawing it, it always goes way easier. =P
DaveEscape 6th Feb 2015, 9:58 AM edit delete reply
I love your character :)
Does she have the eyepatch because of an actual eye injury or is it a case of the Mummy II?

"I just thought it made me look more dashing" ;D
Rankamateur 6th Feb 2015, 12:27 PM edit delete reply
I had that question similarly posed some time ago, not long after I first put this transmog set together...

"Hey...are you wearing that patch on your eye because you need to, or because it looks hot?"




Here's a more recent image, with a different pet:


I did some touch up here and there...mostly to get rid of the deplorable `perma-snarl', but also to improve some details in the armor and depict the characters name as it should be.
Amocin 6th Feb 2015, 2:17 PM edit delete reply
That is a much better image. I will be sure to make the appropriate edits to her on the next page to reflect these things, as well as see what I can do about fixing some color issues I now see.. Ugh. Its a very lovely set though. ^.^
Rankamateur 6th Feb 2015, 2:36 PM edit delete reply
Please realize, I didn't link that image to make you go through extra work! I appreciate your comic for the story and artwork as it is.

By the way...I've already become the the butt of some `flea jokes' among certain members of my guild. One of them has even offered me some lemonade, in case I "run out of shampoo". They're such a riot...
DaveEscape 6th Feb 2015, 3:49 PM edit delete reply
Touch-ups, eh?

...I think you'll be interested in this:

He's a really good artist and I love his designs for female Worgen.
Hope Amo don't mind me posting other artists here; it's just so good and I thought you would like to see them.
Tikaria 6th Feb 2015, 10:01 PM edit delete reply
One day, Blizzard will hear the cries of its worgen players and give us the alpha models back.. or at least make them optional :c

I actually heard it wasn't blizzards fault for scrapping the alpha design. I heard that when they showed them, People complain it looked bad. To those people: Nooooooo we had customizable hair and non gorilla foreheads T~T
Nightwill 15th Feb 2015, 1:58 PM edit delete reply
I love your tiger it so goes with your look.

Same reason I took a couple of 40 hour weeks camping The Pridelord back in vanilla :)
DSquad 6th Feb 2015, 8:24 PM edit delete reply
I have to ask, what's the armor set that you're using? I haven't leveled any of my toons that use mail as their best armor yet (I think my highest is just in her 70s or 80s and I don't play her much)
Rankamateur 7th Feb 2015, 6:33 AM edit delete reply

I don't want to seem like I'm taking over Amocin's board, so I'll try to be brief.

The armor Leyami is wearing is a mix of pieces garnered from different sources from the current expansion pack. To make it look like a matched set however, most of it has been `transmogrified' using (for the most part) an old world set called "Mail Combat", except for the bow, shoulders and eyepatch. For those of you that are unfamiliar with World of Warcraft, transmogrification is an in-game feature that allows you to alter the appearance of your gear to others of similar type. Below are links to my `mog' source material.

Mail Combat;
Advanced Flatbow;
Cataclysmic Gladiator's Chain Spaulders;
Malefactor's Eyepatch;

I've transmogged the outfits of more than half my characters in different ways, and must admit to being addicted to this feature...:-)

DSquad 7th Feb 2015, 4:34 PM edit delete reply
Thanks, might look for the recolored red set for one of my hunters. And I must agree Transmogs are very addicting when you find a set you really like.

Amocin did a really nice job on recreating your character in the comic, as is expected :)
PPpp 6th Feb 2015, 4:42 AM edit delete reply
You'r getting better, and it's real nice!!!!
fusionx963 6th Feb 2015, 5:06 AM edit delete reply
Just add lemon juice, lol.
Someone 6th Feb 2015, 5:44 AM edit delete reply
Are they in-game or character created?
Amocin 6th Feb 2015, 9:07 AM edit delete reply
Are what in-game? The armor? The characters? These are people's actual characters from WoW, including their current armor.
Thwaitesy 6th Feb 2015, 5:45 AM edit delete reply
I love how they're talking about how to get rid of fleas LOL.

Just some casual conversation on the ramparts.
Synaris 6th Feb 2015, 6:21 AM edit delete reply
It might have killed your hand, but it was most definitely worth it. Love them both, especially the Worgen gal. Both she and her set of armor look fantastic.
Cortana 6th Feb 2015, 6:22 AM edit delete reply
Hahaha anyone with fur worries about fleas :p I love Fridays this comic is awesome :D
Dominator 6th Feb 2015, 6:54 AM edit delete reply
Is that the Tyrael's Charger?
Kit 6th Feb 2015, 7:52 AM edit delete reply
Ah, and now we get to find out what happened to poor Amo while we fret over what will occur as a result of Kinar finding out that she was abused and lied to and used by her ex who has now become a raid boss.

Expressions really pop in this page. The third panel says it without needing to say a thing.

In other news... DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT!

Rankamateur 7th Feb 2015, 6:50 AM edit delete reply
I too have been waiting impatiently for a resolution on Amo's fate. Like many here, she's become one of my favorite characters in this comic.

As for the rest? You could always get lucky, and we'll miss.

Aw, who am I kidding...I NEVER miss. Especially a wide target like that! <grin>
mr.unkown 6th Feb 2015, 8:23 AM edit delete reply
I love the way you draw your characters, Your storyline is amazing as well! I urge you to continue your Comic! it really is a marvel of the online world! Have a good week Amocin! ^-^
WhySoSoft 6th Feb 2015, 9:03 AM edit delete reply
So nice made! great job! the tauren looks cute :3
Lurky 6th Feb 2015, 9:21 AM edit delete reply
Your female Tauren characters are so adorable!

I think a lot of people had forgotten that Amo passed out on her mount several pages back. I am anxious to know what happens!
DaveEscape 6th Feb 2015, 9:57 AM edit delete reply
Fantastic characters, as usual! It's a joy to see this every friday :)
grimlos 6th Feb 2015, 10:34 AM edit delete reply
I really must say, you 're so good at dialogue Amo! Perhaps the most outstanding thing about your comic is your keen detail to the characters' lines, they always seem to be so in line with their personalities.
BlueStar 6th Feb 2015, 10:43 AM edit delete reply
Oooh, I love the look of the worgen and the Tauren, I just went back to reread this comic and you are getting so much better, I can't wait to see how much farther you progress over the coming years, You should be fee proud Amo. :)
Rembrant 6th Feb 2015, 12:37 PM edit delete reply
These are two nice cameos, I really love your attention to detail even on cameo characters. And this is my favorite setting so far, getting to see people from different factions and races interacting normally with no conflicts, it's just really enjoyable.
Kira Vixen 6th Feb 2015, 1:04 PM edit delete reply
holy crap something different! kill it!*shoots at them with my Machine Gun*
HarlequinGnoll 6th Feb 2015, 2:05 PM edit delete reply
oooooo is that a Tyrian charger i spy?
kina for life 6th Feb 2015, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
Today's my b-day today! So glad it's Friday!
Guesticus 6th Feb 2015, 5:47 PM edit delete reply
If you show the bows fully nocked, can you make sure the arrows are on _top_ of the hand? Have seen too many depictions where the arrow is _under_ the hand, don't care if the arrow is on the back of the hand behind the bow or on the finger in front, just don't put it under the hand
Amocin 6th Feb 2015, 5:56 PM edit delete reply
I have shot a bow before, please have faith that I know how one is used.
WhySoSoft 8th Feb 2015, 2:20 PM edit delete reply
You can fire a arrow from both side of a bow.
YouTube video:Lars Andersen: a new level of archery
Guesticus 10th Feb 2015, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
Yes, did mention that (on the back of the hand or on the finger), but you can't shoot proficiently with the arrow _under_ the hand
Amocin 10th Feb 2015, 12:57 AM edit delete reply
Perhaps I did not make it clear in the depiction because I forgot the bow string in that panel, which I will fix. The tauren is still drawing an arrow, its not yet notched.
Guesticus 11th Feb 2015, 4:59 AM edit delete reply
Understood she was still drawing the bow, that's why asked if you _did_ show the bows fully notched (thank you for reminding me the correct spelling :D) to have the arrow on top of the hand, whichever side of the bow she uses :D
wolffan 6th Feb 2015, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
I love the comic it just what I like
Dreamfox 6th Feb 2015, 6:38 PM edit delete reply
News Flash:
The Worgen leave the Alliance.
The Tauren leave the Horde.
They both join with the Pandaren in a new facton.
Why? Because it's easier to exchange fur care tips and fur care recipes this way.
Just a fan 6th Feb 2015, 7:44 PM edit delete reply
Hey, love the comic! Think you're doing great Amo!
I do want to ask one thing though. If the one guard on the wall is wearing an eye patch on his right eye, shouldn't he be shooting left handed? I hunt with bows and I'm right handed. That means I use my right eye to look down the sight, or shaft in this case. I hold the bow in my left hand and the string in my right, drawing the string to my right eye.
Wow, didn't mean to say that much. Not trying to be a downer here. Like I said, I absolutely love this comic and I've never played WoW!
Rankamateur 6th Feb 2015, 10:44 PM edit delete reply
Amocin is simply illustrating the guard you are referring to...which is actually a player's character (mine)...according to the screen capture of her taken directly from the game, so she can be excused if it doesn't seem to be particularly logical.

However, there are two possible factors that might explain the discrepancy, the first of which being that the eye-patch could very well be a simple crystal lens that actually aids the archer...much like a pair of polarized shooting glasses would be helpful to a marksman. The other explanation can be taken from a favorite blurb used by fantasy gamers everywhere:

A wizard did it!

Meaning, the patch-wearing worgen could very well be blind in that eye...yet, thanks to enchantments placed upon it, the eye-patch may be restoring said lost eyesight through magical means. In other words...in a world full of magic, anything's possible.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
Just a Fan 7th Feb 2015, 12:12 AM edit delete reply
Hey, me again about the bow.
I was wondering when I wrote the previous post if, like someone said, the eye patch was some kind of nvg or FLIR device for the WoW world. I didn't think it made sense for there to be a one eyed guard. And she noticed Amo's group first and it was on her right side.
So, yeah.
Amocin 7th Feb 2015, 8:58 AM edit delete reply
She noticed them on her left side. So the eye patch had nothing to do with it. Just because somebody may or may not have a disability does not mean they can't overcome it.
Syn 7th Feb 2015, 1:26 AM edit delete reply

Please do keep the wonderful work up! This is one of the few things I look forward to seeing every friday.

Being a Belf, Id have to wonder what jokes could come from the lemon juice. Arnt we just so haughty? XD
I am Annoying 7th Feb 2015, 10:07 AM edit delete reply
You seem to have forgoten the bowstring that or it is very blended
DSquad 7th Feb 2015, 4:40 PM edit delete reply
Either it's forgotten or the bow is turned just enough it's hidden behind it... though I'm not sure if the angle is just right for that. *shrugs*
FreezeBrand 7th Feb 2015, 10:24 AM edit delete reply
I very much like this page, even though the only main characters are in the distance. The conversation was a hoot and the expressions on the faces were really well done. Maybe your best one yet.
Just a Fan 7th Feb 2015, 12:20 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, I went back to look to make sure I was right and noticed it was on the left. Sorry. I do like the "eye patch that uses magic to give eyesight idea" that's pretty bad ass.
Any way, love your work and hope you keep staying awesome! :)
furryadventuresofepicness 8th Feb 2015, 1:34 AM edit delete reply
Man I just started reading these and finished in a week and now I'm stuck at a wall like walking dead I NEED MOAR
Guesticus 10th Feb 2015, 12:54 AM edit delete reply
Join the gang :)
Huntingmouse 8th Feb 2015, 1:49 AM edit delete reply
Some of us with out fur worry about fleas too!
dwub 9th Feb 2015, 11:37 PM edit delete reply
you should find someone to hire or at least help you with the speed of the comic i really enjoy them and i think it would help improve
Amocin 10th Feb 2015, 1:00 AM edit delete reply
Im sorry, I know this has been suggested before, but we will not bring other artists or writers onto the team.. There are just too many complications that could come up with it, and its not something I wish to deal with for the sake of pumping out art faster.
Guesticus 11th Feb 2015, 5:01 AM edit delete reply
Personally, the pace is fine: some manage to put out daily comics, some weekly, it all comes down to the _quality_ (and so far, it is top-notch :D)
Dreamweaver 10th Feb 2015, 12:11 PM edit delete reply
Try resting your hand on a hot barley bag after each panel for a few minutes.
barajas13 12th Feb 2015, 12:10 AM edit delete reply
Not gonna lie, thought the worgen was a dude xD
Bloop 12th Feb 2015, 5:44 PM edit delete reply
shmoogly coogl toogly foogly stoogly bloogly soogly phoogly
Nightwill 12th Feb 2015, 7:42 PM edit delete reply
Ah dang not her armor or demeanor but ah well.
Amocin 12th Feb 2015, 7:55 PM edit delete reply
Shoot, I see that now. I will do my best to fix that for this coming page, and edit this one with the error. Sorry about that.
Nightwill 13th Feb 2015, 6:32 PM edit delete reply
Its ok if you remember we couldnt get the leather to show on the Armory cause its invalid armor on a hunter.
Gildor 8th Jan 2017, 4:38 PM edit delete reply
This could be a very beautiful sign of peace : a worgen and a tauren simply chatting about body care.
Guest 30th Jul 2019, 11:33 PM edit delete reply
"I doubt a death n
Knight could tame a steed like that"
*Amo tames a steed like that*