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To Catch a Worgen - How Amo and Shai met (mostly porn)
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31st Aug 2015


31st Aug 2015

Follow me on Twitter, I'll try to be more active
Come Live Chat on Discord
To Catch a Worgen - How Amo and Shai met (mostly porn)
Support us on Patreon for Monthly Rewards!!
For Non-Monthly Rewards use Paypal.

Author Notes:

Amocin 31st Aug 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
This is the last day to donate for the Aug pic. Its of an Anthro Drogan dragon and Amo, a sample is up on our rewards page.

Also, I really enjoy drawing Lapis, even though I dont feel too comfortable drawing humans, she is very fun to work with.

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dragondruid 31st Aug 2015, 2:32 AM edit delete reply
we didnt see if drogan gave blood to Amo in the last pages or not but he seems worn out from something which maybe he did give her some of his blood that's my prediction for the day could be something else making him worn out who knows
Rembrant 31st Aug 2015, 2:46 AM edit delete reply
Hmm. Feeling off? He probably did give blood to Amo and is thus now groggy, but we'll see. But now Hotah needs him, and the thing is that Lapis says "We need to talk". That phrase is just never ever good news.
danthehorseman 31st Aug 2015, 3:28 AM edit delete reply
very nice hope your well danny.
Luna 31st Aug 2015, 4:32 AM edit delete reply
He looks horribly worn out, even older with those lines under his eyes. Either he gave the blood, or he's dealing with regret of not helping Amo.
TheSuicidalGiraffe 31st Aug 2015, 5:47 AM edit delete reply
Think that Death Knight chick gave him something
(super tempted to say bitch becuase it would be appropriate and accurate in this situation since she's a female wolf)
Dargon 31st Aug 2015, 6:57 AM edit delete reply
I think you do fine drawing the Human form. You're likely uncomfortable with it because you do not draw them enough. Like a Grand Artist once told me "Always try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone,and your Art will only Grow."
You're doing Great and your skills are always improveing!
blaze116 1st Sep 2015, 1:08 AM edit delete reply
thats a great philosophy. who are you qouting?
Guest 1st Sep 2015, 5:23 PM edit delete reply
Thank you! She's a Very Dear friend of mine and an accomplished Artist from D.A.(Deviant Art) who goes by the name of Firestorm.
Dargon 1st Sep 2015, 7:43 PM edit delete reply
OMG.....She is going to kill me!! I meant Fireskip from Deviant art!! Sorry,my bad.
Aetheos 31st Aug 2015, 10:46 PM edit delete reply
This is not good... mordins planning on attacking today and one of our strongest heroes are weakened, kinar is sneaking out. Amo is out of commission for god knows how long... the light protect these folk!
Jonathan 1st Sep 2015, 7:54 AM edit delete reply
i guess he did give blood like a few pints to bring her back to life fully but you do know being such a big dragon he has tons to spare
Aetheos 1st Sep 2015, 6:53 PM edit delete reply
Not while in his tauren form. He'll die just as easy as anything else his current size. And he's keeping the Dragon form a secret from most.
Amocin 1st Sep 2015, 8:57 PM edit delete reply
Not completely true. While dragons do take a hit on their general health when it comes to taking humaniod form, they are much stronger then mortals, and more resistant, more so for the reds. Drogan is not as weak as a mortal, though not as strong as a dragon while in Tauren form. He is somewhere comfortably between the two.
BlueStar 1st Sep 2015, 9:06 AM edit delete reply
You don't enjoy drawing humans? Is it because they are harder? I Think Lapis, and your night elves look really good ^.^ Even though I think you only drew one of them your troll was good too.
Amocin 1st Sep 2015, 9:35 AM edit delete reply
I am just not comfortable with them yet, I have avoided them for too many years that I lack sufficient practice with them. However it will only get better with time, and I plan on making more of an effort. I do like the work I do once its all done, but drawing outside of our comfort zones is always difficult mentally.

Thank you though, its nice to know they are turning out alright. ^.^
Guest 1st Sep 2015, 5:32 PM edit delete reply
So Very true. However,Only by working outside your "Comfort Zone" can your True Artistic ability's be Realized.:)

Okay,I'll stop now.....I'm probably starting to anoy you.....
Being a self taught Artist myself, I just strive to help those who are so better skilled than I as so I can watch them grow.:)
nuklear 1st Sep 2015, 11:06 AM edit delete reply
okay, first off love the comic and look forward to the next page eagerly each week... but if I don't point this out it will drive me nuts, on the last panel lapis' teeth appear to be pink
Amocin 1st Sep 2015, 12:29 PM edit delete reply
Because thats the inside of her mouth/tongue, and not her teeth.
Dreamweaver 2nd Sep 2015, 10:10 AM edit delete reply
ah that might be the problem then.if her mouth is open enough to see the inside of it then you would be able to see some of her bottom teeth as he is looking down at her. Unless she has no teeth for some reason.
draco 2nd Sep 2015, 7:13 PM edit delete reply
I didn't get last months donation pic o~o and I donated on the 30th
Amocin 2nd Sep 2015, 8:55 PM edit delete reply
I ran a little late sending it out, if its not in your email by now please send me an email at druidscomic@gmail.com confirming your info and I will send it out right away.
George 4th Sep 2015, 1:16 PM edit delete reply
Just wanted to say I donated for September's pic.
crazieanimefan1 6th Sep 2015, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
I think with Drogan, he's pretty much exhausted with all that's going on and Amo on death's door. So he's probably not watching out for himself and is suffering with a bit of exhaustion or stress. The poor guy needs a bit of TLC. lol