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Trust Drogan

19th Oct 2015

Trust Drogan

Trust Drogan

19th Oct 2015

Author Notes:

Amocin 19th Oct 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
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A.G.Wicked 19th Oct 2015, 2:48 AM edit delete reply
Is that Drogan the dragon?
Mangix 19th Oct 2015, 3:00 AM edit delete reply
That's Drogan's drake, Drogan is still in discussion with Lapis in regards his actions that may cause trouble for his flight.
Agent_T 19th Oct 2015, 3:16 AM edit delete reply
too small for Drogan. Plus they have been moving away from him. This likely is the drake.

I'm wondering though if someone is going to go dragon-vampire on the drake.. as in needing or wanting even more blood.
Helle 19th Oct 2015, 1:07 PM edit delete reply
Few people know of the dragon blood curing undeath, and those who know wouldn't dare abuse their knowledge since Amo owes her life to Drogan and they're very appreciative of his aid.
Aquahoof 19th Oct 2015, 3:19 AM edit delete reply
didn't you read the 2 or 3 pages back Dragan said one of his red drakes would be there in her room to bodyguard her, so no I don't think that's Drogan XD if it was he'd probably have broken a hole through the ceiling XD
Zuzu 19th Oct 2015, 3:26 AM edit delete reply
Nah, that would be his Drake companion or something Along those lines. That Dragon is to small to be Drogan.
Luna 19th Oct 2015, 3:52 AM edit delete reply
That's one of Drogan's family members. A young baby drake. Not drogan.
blaze116 19th Oct 2015, 2:48 AM edit delete reply
spartan like halo or spartan from 300
DK 19th Oct 2015, 2:58 AM edit delete reply
Hmm... I'm wondering something now. If both Drogan, and Lapis, are indeed dragons, what are their real names?

Droganstraz isn't exactly what I'd call a name and Lapisgosa makes no sense. Or... Does the dragon naming rule not apply here?
Dreamfox 19th Oct 2015, 4:55 AM edit delete reply
Or Drogan was simply lazy with his 'cover' name ;)
Amocin 19th Oct 2015, 5:15 AM edit delete reply
Drogan's name is just that, its for the reader, and while it may not make sense in game, it doesnt have to, because again, its more for the reader as an anagram.

Lapisgosa works because Lapis is a blue stone. There are other blues with names that follow that method of picking a blue stone/blue color for their names. Azurous, Indigos, and Sapphiron to name a few.
Guest 19th Oct 2015, 6:19 AM edit delete reply
Well, reds have unusual names anyway. It could still be Droganstrasz, but I've been pretending to rearrange the letters again and it's Dorgastrasz.
DK 19th Oct 2015, 4:00 PM edit delete reply
Well, I suppose that works. But now I really want someone to use his dragon name, even if he otherwise is always referred to as Drogan. Curiosity just has my mind...

Also, Laps/Drogan? I hope for that. You do good dragon/dragon stuff.
Helle 19th Oct 2015, 1:00 PM edit delete reply
Also, keep in mind that a dragon's name in mortal guise doesn't always match up to their true names. Think Krasus is actually Korialstrasz. Not sure if these count since they were used more for extreme deception and ulterior motives, but black dragons had names like Lady Katrana Prestor for Onyxia, Lord Daval Prestor for Neltharion (Deathwing), though Nefarian took the name Lord Victor Nefarius (which was rather similar to his true name and kinda broke the pattern).
Darkenfang 19th Oct 2015, 8:53 PM edit delete reply
I've just been playing in the Dragonblight area in game, and two of the ambasador dragons in Wyrmrest temple are Nalice for the blacks, and Chromie for the bronze, and they would have no reason whatsoever to use false or assumed names in that location. So 'dragon naming conventions.' I think are at best voluntarily followed, not something that is apsolutely mandatory in any way.
Frostfire Phoenix 19th Oct 2015, 3:20 AM edit delete reply
No that would be a hatchling that Drogan is looking after...
Kira Vixen 19th Oct 2015, 3:28 AM edit delete reply
in my experience nobody listens to their commanders when somebody attacked their own. believe me the first chance they get they will harm Kinar.
danthehorseman 19th Oct 2015, 3:35 AM edit delete reply
Hi I hope you have a nice helloween. I loved the bady dragon is that Drogan son. I hope your well take care be safe danny
Luna 19th Oct 2015, 3:50 AM edit delete reply
This is so far out there but why do I get a sneaky feeling those two just might do the hanky panky in drogans room? Amo is alive now, I can only imagine what else she'd try to do. Plus, I love seeing her alive with shai
Dreamfox 19th Oct 2015, 4:55 AM edit delete reply
And giving the drake a visual lesson?
Optikool 19th Oct 2015, 5:20 AM edit delete reply
What? No! That would be wrong on so many levels, even in our furry - WoW universe. Druidic coupling may not be frowned upon, even between a humanoid and a feral sapient creature, but with a baby drake, it would enter the realm of criminality, for which I'm sure there are laws in the WoW universe for child sexual abuse, statutory rape or child pornography.
If the comic decides to go that way I think I'll take a break until after.
Amocin 19th Oct 2015, 5:31 AM edit delete reply
Wow, how low of an opinion must people have of me if they think I am going to draw child porn...

Not going to happen. EVER
Optikool 19th Oct 2015, 5:39 AM edit delete reply
Then I will remain one of your readers, happy to enjoy a monday morning with my favourite WoW comic :3
Dargon 19th Oct 2015, 7:34 PM edit delete reply
Wow.....I had to take a step back when I read this! Apparently they do not Know you very well.....and Knowing is half the battle! (Old G.I.Joe pun...sorry.) ;-)
Yeah, That would never happen!
I would have to Imeaditly pull my subscription from this Incredible comic!
Resolute 21st Oct 2015, 10:39 PM edit delete reply
"Wow, how low of an opinion must people have of me if they think I am going to draw child porn...

Not going to happen. EVER"

Thank you for this.
Rankamateur 22nd Oct 2015, 2:06 PM edit delete reply
Perhaps I'm missing it, but I can't see in any of the messages here where anyone was actually requesting the depiction of underage porn. The closest one seemed more like a joke that -IF- Shai and Amo were to indulge in hanky-panky, they would be "giving the drake a visual lesson"...which, if so, was poorly stated and in bad taste...but does NOT actually advocate child porn. Methinks there there may have been a misunderstanding here.
Nhymeri 22nd Oct 2015, 6:46 PM edit delete reply
Yea, lets not.

I'm all for the kinky stuff that this comic gets upto... but there's a line to this kink... and having a 'child' observing sexual acts, even if the child is not 'human' per-say, is definitely beyond the line.
Luna 19th Oct 2015, 6:21 AM edit delete reply
I'm glad that's not the case. Amo needs her rest and a sex scene wouldn't fit at all here now that I think about it. Though how will the drake help amo? Surely he doesn't know any magic yet, right?
Darkenfang 19th Oct 2015, 8:57 PM edit delete reply
Red dragons inherently give off life energy. Anywhere that they set foot plants will sprout, even if the area is otherwise inhospitable. the young drake might not be *that* potent, but simply being in his presence could be like constantly drinking potions of cure minor wounds.
viverred 19th Oct 2015, 7:43 AM edit delete reply
one more reason to love Amo, even barely able to get around and she's ready to fight for a freind and more worried for them then herself.

"a true friend will help hide the bodies."
Dargon 19th Oct 2015, 7:36 PM edit delete reply
Psssst......Kinar is her sister.....not simply a friend. ;-)
Mr Smartass Nerd Guy 19th Oct 2015, 8:55 PM edit delete reply
Sister in law, actually.

But close enough amirite?
viverred 20th Oct 2015, 7:45 AM edit delete reply
family is one thing, true freinds are another. it's really rare to have both in the same person. so ... Bonus!
3D 19th Oct 2015, 7:55 AM edit delete reply
"Gaah! There's a dragon in here!"

This place is full of surprises; in the next room are Goblins inventing a machine gun that shoots ice cream cones. XD
Helle 19th Oct 2015, 1:05 PM edit delete reply
Well they know there's going to be a dragon, he did say "Take her to my room, she can recover there. My drake will be able to help."
viverred 20th Oct 2015, 7:47 AM edit delete reply
That sounds more Gnomish than Goblin, but i love the visual.
FoxyWolf 19th Oct 2015, 9:34 AM edit delete reply
I love seeing Amo with yellow eyes! Gotta be careful with the arm length though. With a neck as thick as Shai's, she would be able to have her elbow on his right shoulder. It feels stretched particularly in the second panel.

Keep up the good work!
Guest 19th Oct 2015, 10:22 AM edit delete reply
It just dawned on me...she and her husband can now have a child now that she's not a death night. I bet that will be mentioned later.
Dargon 19th Oct 2015, 7:39 PM edit delete reply
OMG!! Yellow eyes.....exhausted.....gold armor.....SHE'S PREGNANT!!!!!

sorry......I just had to do it!
Gantradies 20th Oct 2015, 10:38 PM edit delete reply
the little guy's adoreable! ^_^