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6th Jun 2016



6th Jun 2016

Author Notes:

Amocin 6th Jun 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
This would mark the first time Kinar has said that to him.

This months pic has been decided.
Serid and Kinar with some anal action (M/F) 6 - Loser
Amo and Mordin with some light bondage (M/F) 8
Anthro Dragon Drogan and Serid (M/M) 6
Female Blue Dragon and Serid (M/F) 17 - Winner
Kinar and Shai (incest) (M/F) 16

Also, this month, premium donators get a chance to vote on if Serid becomes a Worgen or not.

The Bookmark for this month is Tauren Drogan, a sample will be done sometime this week.

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Momo 6th Jun 2016, 4:02 AM edit delete reply
Amo for the love of everything that is holy WHY!?

My heart can't take the suspense
Magmawing 6th Jun 2016, 4:04 AM edit delete reply
Amocin, I don't want to be a spoiler... But when will Serid tell Kinar that she bite him? I just think that the situation is only getting worse and it will more dangers afterword.
Amocin 6th Jun 2016, 8:08 AM edit delete reply
He wont bring it up, he doesnt see it as an issue that needs to be addressed.
Redmoonwatcher 6th Jun 2016, 4:11 AM edit delete reply
Hmmmm she must have a plan!
TheTrashMob 7th Jun 2016, 4:15 PM edit delete reply
Having a plan doesn't mean, that the plan is any good.
I'm curios, what the outcome will be.
William 6th Jun 2016, 4:26 AM edit delete reply
How is that going to work, anyway? Would he have both forms where his base form is a Tauren and his shifted/adrenaline form is a Worgen, or would he be a permanent Worgen, or... What?
Tenchi-Arizonia 6th Jun 2016, 4:41 AM edit delete reply
Love is a good reason to do something crazy, and it seems she has a plan.
Naevia 6th Jun 2016, 4:42 AM edit delete reply
I can't wait to see how this ends up, I'm expecting great things.
Shardiel 6th Jun 2016, 4:44 AM edit delete reply
She finally said it !
Someone-who-reads 6th Jun 2016, 4:46 AM edit delete reply
I may not donate for this comic but i read it. But i really would not want to see Serid as a worgen. I mean seeing worgen and tauren together is a amazing thing.
Link 6th Jun 2016, 4:49 AM edit delete reply
Damn, I really hope he becomes a worgen, I really like them ^.^
Ty 6th Jun 2016, 4:50 AM edit delete reply
-Whistles- Can't wait till next monday now, Heh
IVAN 6th Jun 2016, 4:57 AM edit delete reply
Ohh, voting.I thought plot is predefined.
Amocin 6th Jun 2016, 8:09 AM edit delete reply
Plot is predetermined for overarching stuff, but things like this can be changed and the core can stay the same.
MightyWorgen234 6th Jun 2016, 4:59 AM edit delete reply
I dont really have money for a donate dont want to see Serid as a Worgen. But i really do like the page.
Azami08 6th Jun 2016, 5:40 AM edit delete reply
Sorry about the teething, cranky baby. Take your time. By the way, I love this comic.
Orthus 6th Jun 2016, 6:33 AM edit delete reply
Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that the first time she told him the 'L' word?! :D
Amocin 6th Jun 2016, 8:07 AM edit delete reply
Yes, forgot to mention that this was the first time it has been said.
Ashla 6th Jun 2016, 6:43 AM edit delete reply
Even with flat colors this is still Gorgeous Amocin.

Also: I hope your bundle of joy is able to get through their teething period swiftly; screaming infants are one of the hardest things on a persons nerves :P
Scourge 6th Jun 2016, 6:46 AM edit delete reply
No surprise there. Knew she couldn't be a traitor.....well at least not to her new boytoy. XD
Guest 6th Jun 2016, 6:52 AM edit delete reply
I knew she was up to something.

Sorry about the teething, it's gonna be rough that much I know for sure.
Lulu Jenkins 6th Jun 2016, 7:05 AM edit delete reply
I knew it!! I knew she wouldn't betray him!
Dargon 6th Jun 2016, 7:10 AM edit delete reply
There are Two issues I have with this.....but first, I simply Love the last Three panels!! That sudden "Closing of the Beak" and Serid's expression's! :p
Kinar's expression in the next to last panel is Priceless!

I don't mind the "Flat color's" though I do think it takes away from the overall visual quality of the work.

Now as for the "Issues" I mentioned earlier, First of all this site Only allows me to rate this comic 1-5.....When Clearly This Comic is Absolutely Nothing short of a 10!....and "Good".....Really?
No, there should be a Great rating! :)
And second....Perhaps it's just me, but you had a poll for Kinar and Shai....Incest? 0.0 I can't say Eeeewwwww Forcefully Enough! But again, Perhaps it's just me....so I'll take the Wrath on that one. *.*
Amocin 6th Jun 2016, 2:07 PM edit delete reply
We take suggestions from voters as well as donators on what future pics should be. Thankfully with the vote we can see what works for the majority and what doesnt. But incest pic has been requested frequently, so we put it up there.. For the longest time the votes between first place and that pic were tied.
Dargon 7th Jun 2016, 1:25 AM edit delete reply
I noticed the number of votes were Much Higher than I would have expected.....
Please understand that I realize your plight as an artist and as so you have a certain responsibility to your viewers.
If at some point this category should win, I Fully understand and hold Nothing against you, the Artist.
As with Any art, it's purpose is to invoke a feeling or emotion.
Being a long time subscriber to FA, I have seen a Lot of art I ......did not agree with. However as an artist and an Adult, I just simply ignore these thing's I find.....Distasteful.
So in short, you'll hear no negativity from myself. :)
Amocin 7th Jun 2016, 8:39 AM edit delete reply
There is a disconnect there for me, mostly because they are not my fursonas or anything, they are just characters that were made for this comic.. But lets say I were asked to draw a pic with the character in my icon, and my actual brothers character, and I would have to say no... In fact I wont draw anything of adult nature with my brothers character at all... it feels weird.
Dargon 7th Jun 2016, 2:03 PM edit delete reply
Fully Understood, and Commendable! :)

......and This is Why You are one of the Greatest Artists I have Ever known!
lucas 6th Jun 2016, 7:42 AM edit delete reply
I really don't want Serid to turn Worgan.
dragondruid 6th Jun 2016, 8:28 AM edit delete reply
hurray for kinar finally admitting her love for serid but as for the voting im alittle conflicted on which is better for me.
Serid going worgen - i would say be cool so then maybe her family will accept him and they can get married and possibly have kids since serid is now a worgen

Serid not turning - i also like unique relationships where a completely different species loves something outside of their area if u know what i mean

maybe the next few pages of the comic might get me to change my mind on my decision but im still conflicted atm
Aestral 6th Jun 2016, 9:19 AM edit delete reply
Aaaaand Kinar's not going to become a Dark Mistress... shit ;(
Snakeythorn 6th Jun 2016, 9:25 AM edit delete reply
Love the comic so far, and no worries on the color thing, i know your pain well with the teething, im the oldest out of 5, so iv been there and i wish you the best of luck, and just as a fair warning, its going to get even more rough when the little one gets older epesale whdn the terrible twos hit, but hang in there in the end its well worth it, quick question tho, she bit him already, so, is he all already going to turn at some point or well he never turn b/c she is only half cursed, or is that bit what keeps her husband from turning him into a wogen?, sorry kinda think out load
Amocin 6th Jun 2016, 9:36 AM edit delete reply
I have a three and a half year old, I am aware of what is coming.. So I know it will pass. Its just an 'ugh' moment that I wish would pass sooner.

Kinar may have bit him, but that doesnt mean that he is any more or less likely to turn.. There is still a chance from that bite alone, but it is very rare. She may have been in a 'feral' state, but she is still a 'cured' worgen.
Omen 6th Jun 2016, 9:27 AM edit delete reply
Welp, serid's life is now rocked. She must have never brought up her pre worgen days that she had a child before the invasion.

What hit home even more for me was the fact that, she told him she loved him. When he was worried about what she thought of him when he admitted he volunteered to help with that same invasion.
Firnen 6th Jun 2016, 10:02 AM edit delete reply
So how did Mordin become a worgen anyway because I'm pretty sure you said all the DKs were worgen before they were DKs yet he was killed when Kinar was infected with the curse. Did he die as a human and was raised as a worgen DK? Also, how does someone become a death knight anyway?
Sorry, I read the comic but don't actually play WOW so I wouldn't know.
Amocin 6th Jun 2016, 11:00 AM edit delete reply
Kinar both killed him and infected him. He changed, but was too wounded to survive it.

Death Knights are made by many different ways. The first ones were raised by a powerful Warlock, others were raised by the Lich King, some have been raised by an unknown force.. There are creatures out there that have the ability. They are simply undead people who have access to more abilities and dont decay. Like the difference between a Zombie and a Vampire.
Kulavak 6th Jun 2016, 10:05 AM edit delete reply
I hope this does not end with Kinar letting Serid get bitten. That would be such utter poison for their relationship. Love does not mean trying to make your lover into a mirror image of yourself, or making decisions on this scale for them. I hope Kinar knows what she is doing. D:
3D 6th Jun 2016, 10:35 AM edit delete reply
"I love you."

Throws his ass into the fire in the next scene, Melisandre style.
Lenanu 6th Jun 2016, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
I totally know what its like when one's little one is teething. There are a few numbing meds that one can get that will help if you wish to try.

Utterly LOVE angry bird expressions Sid has in majority of the panels ^^
DK 6th Jun 2016, 3:26 PM edit delete reply
I wish I could afford to donate, just to vote.

I hope our tauren lovebird turns worgen.
RaShCl 6th Jun 2016, 4:41 PM edit delete reply
Serid definatly need to become a worgen, he looks very cool as one sofar.
dannyhighfield 6th Jun 2016, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
oh dear poor birdy, I hope your well. i look forward to more soon. have a nice evening danny
Headhuntz 6th Jun 2016, 5:48 PM edit delete reply
I bet its about the whole thing of serid being sterile if i recall that correctly
Cortana Kitten 6th Jun 2016, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
I would LOVE to see serid a worgen :) Amo you make Monday's worth going through, keep up the awesome work <3
Brooklyn Forge 6th Jun 2016, 11:50 PM edit delete reply
So, if we become premium patrons this month can we vote? or would we had to have been patron before?
Amocin 7th Jun 2016, 12:19 AM edit delete reply
Yes, its for this month. So at the end of the month, on July 1st or 2nd, those who donated will get a link to where they can cast their vote.
Novali 7th Jun 2016, 1:44 AM edit delete reply
Very torn, I both want and don't want him to be worgen. >_<

I love the different race relationship but I want them to have cute fluffin babies too.
LegendaryAngelAuron 7th Jun 2016, 2:04 AM edit delete reply
This is such a wonderful story. Not only is the artwork amazing! But the story line and characters match up to it. I always drop by when I get home on Mondays. The tension in this week's piece is breath taking, and the look on poor Serid's face, he looked as if Kinar had stabbed him. But the moment she said "I love you." Talk about heartbreaking. I can't wait to see what the beautiful lady has planned.
Sacuta 7th Jun 2016, 6:08 AM edit delete reply
I cant help but wonder if he goes worgen if he will be a "Bull Dog".
Koryn 7th Jun 2016, 8:31 AM edit delete reply
Well Serid is going to have a magical experience with that blue dragon in this months pic lol.

Anyways that's adorable, and well it seems there is something going on here, Might be what people have speculated or might be something else. Even it's a couple Mondays from now, anyways good job Amo.
DeathAngel2054 7th Jun 2016, 3:02 PM edit delete reply
Awwwww the feels Amo! Thank you for this page, best one out of the comic so far IMO!
Aetheos 7th Jun 2016, 6:36 PM edit delete reply
Incest lost by a single vote lol. Good on you dragons.
Kirsten Wolfess 7th Jun 2016, 7:33 PM edit delete reply
To quote Sherlock Holmes: The game is afoot!

She's got something planned. Exceptionally dangerous, given the situation, but a plan nonetheless. Timing on both their parts will be critical.
DtDoom 8th Jun 2016, 9:32 AM edit delete reply
Though I'm not a donator, I feel like it should be that if Serid does turn into a Worgen, it should be from the bite he already received. No opinion either way with regard to whether or not it happens though.
Dargon 8th Jun 2016, 1:23 PM edit delete reply
Ahhh.....I see the shading has been applied......Very Lovely Indeed!!♡
Guest 9th Jun 2016, 1:11 AM edit delete reply
If she already bit him while she was feral, and it was actually possible to turn him and other non humanoids, wouldn't he already have turned?
BloodshedSabre 9th Jun 2016, 8:02 AM edit delete reply
This page has me, like others, curious.
How will the Worgen curse effect Serid as opposed to others considering his race and parentage?
Answers or theories, anyone?
Guest 9th Jun 2016, 8:42 AM edit delete reply
Aww, I tought she returned in herself and wanted to return with her husband... bummer...
Worgen 12th Jun 2016, 10:33 AM edit delete reply
Love Kinar's anal
Harq al'Ada 12th Jun 2016, 11:26 PM edit delete reply
"I love you" - most ominous words spoken by a female, ever...
Marycait 12th Jun 2016, 11:32 PM edit delete reply
Oh I wish I had the money to donate and vote. Please don't let Serid become a Worgen!