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8th Aug 2016



8th Aug 2016

Author Notes:

Amocin 8th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
The results for this months vote on donation pics.
Amo and Mordin with some light bondage (M/F) 2 3.4% (Loser)
Anthro Dragon Drogan and Serid (M/M) 7 11.9%
Kinar and Shai (incest) (M/F) 24 40.7% (WINNER)
Kinar and Amo and some Entangling Roots (F/F) 18 30.5%
Tauren Drogan and Ashiana (M/F) 8 13.6%

This months bookmark will feature Ghath

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DK 8th Aug 2016, 4:37 AM edit delete reply

Okay, he needs to die now.
patient99 8th Aug 2016, 4:37 AM edit delete reply
So is that going to turn out to be a really bad thing for him to have done?
Wulfspyder 9th Aug 2016, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
Well, she was aggressively unhappy with him before, now she's gonna go fully into Hell in a handbasket angry (ex-?)wife mode. And you don't want your significant other entering that mode. It is very bad to be on the receiving end. Like, just jump out the window and hope you can run faster bad.
Guest 9th Aug 2016, 7:40 AM edit delete reply
Depends if you have the nerve or just let her vent on something other then you
Valareos 8th Aug 2016, 4:49 AM edit delete reply
Noooo.. not the Dragon!!!
Llethander 8th Aug 2016, 5:01 AM edit delete reply
Oh dear...
Guest 8th Aug 2016, 5:12 AM edit delete reply
Took me a second to realize that the blood is coming from Nathair. The splatter does not seem dynamic enough that it's coming from that direction.
Amocin 8th Aug 2016, 8:42 AM edit delete reply
I am really new to drawing blood, and when trying to draw it 'flying' it did not turn out well. The splatter seems about the same as if I had taken my paint brush and whipped it across in a line, which was what I was going for here.. A line on the same side that the dragon was on.

Now, as far as making splatter look more realistic, thats something that can only come with time and practice.
Phoenix 8th Aug 2016, 11:13 AM edit delete reply
I dont know if my other comment whent through but if it did just ignore the double post. But the advice i have to offer is that the bubbles on the nose, ear,neck and fang are great. The bubbles on the cheek though are a bit big and clumped together. Making the blood look thick and clumpy. Unless thats what you were going for then great! ^^ (i hope you dont think i am criticizing. Im not. Just thought id throw a bit of idea your way ^^)
Dargon 8th Aug 2016, 11:17 AM edit delete reply
.......Really the only thing I see wrong with the Blood is that it's too "Droplet" like.....it almost looks as if it were Bubbling out of her face. My suggestion would be to increase the level of saturation....in other words try making it a little less glossy/shiny and lay it down a little flater, like show some of the fur on her face coated in blood with some of the hair strands defined through it so that it gives a more realistic look of wetness and littoral saturation.
Think of a horror or slasher film, you never see the Blood in "flight"....you only see the end results splattered on the character and perhaps running down.
Blood is a Tricky effect at best, However I know you can pull it off easily given how far you have come and how refined your art skills are. :)
Amocin 8th Aug 2016, 12:16 PM edit delete reply
Phoenix and Dargon, Thanks for the information.. "Dynamic" is a word that in comics tends to mean "less boring" so it really doesnt narrow down what the issue is.

I can see what you are saying about the thickness.. and I will have to say I would need to fool around with it a lot more to figure out how to make it look like its coming off fur.. Perhaps something to learn for future pics where blood is needed.

I have updated the page with the changes you have suggested, hopefully that looks better. Thanks. ^.^
Fisch 9th Aug 2016, 10:33 AM edit delete reply
And now more people in this comic are going to die just because Amocin wants to practice drawing blood. :D
Dargon 11th Aug 2016, 4:23 AM edit delete reply
LOL!! No, you don't have to Die....just to Bleed a little! :p
Dargon 10th Aug 2016, 3:45 AM edit delete reply
Much Better!! The main line or "Body" of the blood looks a little thick.....but This is a Vast improvement over the first.
You are Truly Great at understanding Critique and not taking it the wrong way, for that I Really want to Thank You!
I know it's not easy, but you understand we are Only trying to help you grow into the Great Artist you will one day become....and That is Truly Beautiful! :)
Amocin 10th Aug 2016, 9:20 AM edit delete reply
Critiquing is the only way we can improve... I have never really had a problem with it so long as people point out the issue and what exactly is wrong with it. People who say "Something is off about the blood" doesnt really help me understand what is 'off'.

I'm self-taught, so a thing that I dont see a problem with, somebody else might see.. and its nice to have it pointed out so I dont continue to repeat the same errors.

I'm truly saddened every time I see an artist loose their shit over a critique because it makes it that much harder for the rest of us trying to learn and become better.. it makes people too afraid to speak up.
Dargon 11th Aug 2016, 4:34 AM edit delete reply
I couldn't agree more!

Wow, You're self taught also?!! You don't know what an Honor and Great inspiration it is to learn that about you, your work is Nothing short of Incredible!!
I Too am self taught, and am So enthralled to find Others who have chosen the same path and have done so greatly on their own! It just inspires me That much more knowing that I can one day get just as good.....with practice of course! :p
Panther 8th Aug 2016, 11:14 AM edit delete reply
We don't know yet if it comes from Nathair
Guest 8th Aug 2016, 5:19 AM edit delete reply
OH no . . . No . .
v 8th Aug 2016, 5:36 AM edit delete reply
Nuuu D:
Guest 8th Aug 2016, 5:37 AM edit delete reply
Oh god did he kill him!?!?!
Raz 8th Aug 2016, 5:50 AM edit delete reply
And I'm left out with a complete shock... I guess she is gonna be pissed off now
Dracorian 8th Aug 2016, 5:51 AM edit delete reply
Me 8th Aug 2016, 5:59 AM edit delete reply
Well shit.
Marstruc 8th Aug 2016, 6:13 AM edit delete reply
Oh... Crap...
Firnen 8th Aug 2016, 6:30 AM edit delete reply
So... Im guessing thats it for Nathair. Nice knowing him!
Runeru 8th Aug 2016, 6:31 AM edit delete reply
Ssnnnap...Well, we know either she will go berserk and go on a more emotional rampage towards her former, or simply fall apart...then go on an emotional rampage towards her former and turning into a dragon in the process...
Guest 8th Aug 2016, 6:32 AM edit delete reply
The last panel literally made my heart skip a beat!
Guest 8th Aug 2016, 6:51 AM edit delete reply
And there it is...
Vankov 8th Aug 2016, 7:07 AM edit delete reply
Bloody Nora! This went from a 20 to a 100 in seconds. I know I'm viewing the page before the full detail is put in, but the effect on the blood is great, it's been a while since I've seen blood in your work, but added at the right time like this and it's rather incredible to the whole effect. As well as the look on Kinar's face to top it all off, I can just imagine the scene playing out in my head, "finally got free of these damned thingsā€¦ THERE'S BLOOD ON MY FACE AND ITS NOT MINE! OH SHIT!".
Tripismon 8th Aug 2016, 7:41 AM edit delete reply
Poor dragon !
RastaMV 8th Aug 2016, 7:44 AM edit delete reply
I.....I'm sure that's just tomato sauce, right? RIGHT?!? D:
Guest 8th Aug 2016, 8:02 AM edit delete reply
oh mai dayum!
Guesticus 8th Aug 2016, 8:03 AM edit delete reply
Okay, last panel? Seriously not good: but who's blood is it?
(up until started typing this, thought it was her blood, and was wondering "when did she get injured?")
Guesticus 8th Aug 2016, 8:04 AM edit delete reply
Bit difficult to rip someone's throat out, when they cheat and wear an extra-fluffy cravat
packardlebaron 8th Aug 2016, 8:24 AM edit delete reply
Wow that's dark, and you did it in such a way that I can't tell who's blood it is! Every page for the last month has had some kindof cool cliffhanger and it's keeping me in suspense!
Majinjustin 8th Aug 2016, 8:25 AM edit delete reply
Nathair! Noooooo!!!
Wulfspyder 8th Aug 2016, 8:31 AM edit delete reply
Well then, that escalated quickly.
Kemosune 8th Aug 2016, 8:37 AM edit delete reply
Oh Lordy.... Hopefully that's Mordin's blood...
Draco 8th Aug 2016, 9:22 AM edit delete reply
Did you really just...
ZombieHunter 8th Aug 2016, 9:29 AM edit delete reply
Oh boy something is about to go down now after he did that. I Remember when her mount got hurt and it unleashed feral side that is a lot stronger and more dangerous.
Hurting her friend's and family may bring it out I think. Kinar is someone i do want to run in if she in her feral state.
dannyhighfield 8th Aug 2016, 9:50 AM edit delete reply
sorry, but i am shocked. i personally dont like death or gore. i dont want to be negtive or descuage such a great artiest, i wont say what i want to say. becasue i respect everyones feelings. sorry but i feel so sad.
Mikotaj Fenris 8th Aug 2016, 9:59 AM edit delete reply
It's a bit obvious it's Naithar being killed, first he was impaled by ice, then was seen struggling, Mordin draws his sword. Though it's not shown yet, Naithar Was killed.
Phoenix 8th Aug 2016, 10:55 AM edit delete reply
I small tip for blood spatter. The bubbles on the nose, neck and fang are okay. But the bubbles on the cheek are a bit big and clumped together. Makes the blood look thick. Unless that what you were going for, if so then its really great ^^
Rubinelle 8th Aug 2016, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
Oh...Oh my...

Errors have been made, Mordin.
Panther 8th Aug 2016, 11:20 AM edit delete reply
Amocin , you delayer person ; you love to make to last the suspense ^_^
Dargon 8th Aug 2016, 11:20 AM edit delete reply
Nathair, Nooooooooooo!!!!!!
I Truly do hope this is not his end! :(

On a higher note, He appears much smaller in this set of panels than the last....though that's probably just me. :p
shadowolf12000 8th Aug 2016, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
O i see the rath of a god coming.
Mikotaj Fenris 8th Aug 2016, 1:13 PM edit delete reply
This may sound odd, but I hope Mordin doesn't die. I know what he has done, However, he is a death knight and how he was raised back from the dead is uncertain. Therefore, his will may not be his own. Hopefully Kinar Redeems her Husband. If not, then I hope Shai is ok and makes it back.
Omen 8th Aug 2016, 1:54 PM edit delete reply
And it was at that moment that Kinar realized whatever was left of Mordin's humanity is gone. Now ensues the wrath that is a feral enraged worgen.
Mikotaj Fenris 8th Aug 2016, 3:41 PM edit delete reply
Also, I can't believe what the donation winner was. Jesus, but I guess it's what the folks here want to see.
Mikotaj Fenris 8th Aug 2016, 3:57 PM edit delete reply
Now Amocin, was that an option or suggestions that came in and you listed off as It goes on?
Amocin 8th Aug 2016, 5:57 PM edit delete reply
It was a suggestion we added to the vote, just as we do with many of the votes now.. If nobody votes for a thing, or it gets a very low number of votes, its dropped from consideration and wont likely show up again.
Mikotaj Fenris 8th Aug 2016, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
Wait a minute...Naithar is one of the three castors....oh shit...This was Mordin's plan the whole time...Or Improvising. "We are breaking Drogan's Shield...Today"
Dreamfox 8th Aug 2016, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
He is improvising. Hisx original plan was to have Nathair leave and probably distract at least one of the other casters. With the ightmare ensuring no one wakes up, it may have been enough for one of them falling asleep.

In any case, Nathair might not be dead yet. If he holds out for a healing spell, he might be saved. However, Kinar would have to dispatch Mordin quickly.

In any case, without Mordin, some Death Knights might ne pursuaded to see that turning the world into Worgen is not the way to peace. Some might have already doubts and others might be tempted by the 'cure'.

*sigh* So many possibilities.
Mikotaj Fenris 8th Aug 2016, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
Wait another minute, why is Naithar digging in Mordin's shoulder?
Guesticus 10th Aug 2016, 9:25 AM edit delete reply
He was trying to rip his throat out with his teeth, the next panel has him searching through that fluff for it :P
John Dakaruka 8th Aug 2016, 7:50 PM edit delete reply
What this comic makes me think of, in order of panel:

1: green dragon: What's this in this shoulder pad, it smells so good! om nom nom nom

2: Green Dragon: You lied about the doritos in your armour!
Mordin: Yes, but now witness my tornado hand!

3: Mordin: Check out my manicure!
Greed Dragon: Wow what a manicure!

4: Greed dragon: Ow, my armpit, why does my armpit hurt so much...

5: Mordin: Time to die!

6: Kinar: Gah, these tentacles are so annoying, they make me chafe so much...

7: Kinar: Did... did someone just splash me with strawberry jam?
xAkelax 8th Aug 2016, 11:05 PM edit delete reply
neonpinkfeline 9th Aug 2016, 3:13 PM edit delete reply
I have to say this is a really good page!!

And the visual work on this is astounding. Good job! cant wait for the next page.
Jay Morgan 10th Aug 2016, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
Did the dragon shrink? He looked considerably larger in previous pages. Is that some sort of Emerald Dream side effect?
Amocin 10th Aug 2016, 9:13 AM edit delete reply
I may have accidentally drawn him a bit smaller than he was suppose to be.
Novali 11th Aug 2016, 12:07 AM edit delete reply
She is going to go bat shit...
Jakey 11th Aug 2016, 2:30 AM edit delete reply
Ahyup... No Drenor there.. Only cold ways of mordin.. He didn't give his wife a break.. And now, well.. Mordinf might wanna keep hold of his butt..
Harq al-Ada 11th Aug 2016, 2:35 AM edit delete reply
Man, I could kill Mordin... I he weren't already dead...
Azmodan412 11th Aug 2016, 9:07 PM edit delete reply
Regarding the blood drawing. I've watched many movies, and assuming from the side of the cheek the blood is in, the Green Dragon was on her right. If she was witnessing his death, instead of drops, try streaks starting thin and getting VERY slightly thicker with a little downward motion like a curve. Follows the bone structure and coincides with gravity.
rockingwolf360 12th Aug 2016, 4:37 AM edit delete reply
i think you did great on doing the blood
Convel555 13th Aug 2016, 7:50 AM edit delete reply
i just can imagine 2 things on last panel
2.Nuclear bomb sirens
kuledud2 13th Aug 2016, 11:23 AM edit delete reply
u dun goofed
Siaeda 14th Aug 2016, 6:41 AM edit delete reply
Am I the only one that thinks she won't go "batshit" and actually panic?...