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Shoe Shopping

20th Mar 2017

Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping

20th Mar 2017

Author Notes:

Amocin 20th Mar 2017, 12:00 AM edit delete
This months donation pic will be Koutack and Sicha in some light bondage.

Anders will be featured on this months magnet.

We just got all of our magnets in the mail and now we are sending out the Kinar ones. Sorry for the long delay on those. However, seeing as we have all the others now as well, there will be no future delays on any magnets for the rest of the year.

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JohnCollins5091 20th Mar 2017, 2:16 AM edit delete reply
Oh mah lord haf mercy on my pervy soul
Guest 20th Mar 2017, 2:25 AM edit delete reply
These three seem more and more ideal for each other.
trollolol 20th Mar 2017, 3:46 AM edit delete reply
And we all want to see her wird ;-)
Dat1dude 20th Mar 2017, 2:35 AM edit delete reply
XD lol nice like what ya did here
Antoniokontos 20th Mar 2017, 2:44 AM edit delete reply
At long last we get to see inside the head of amo

"The prophecy foretold it so it must be true" -random cult follower
Rembrant 20th Mar 2017, 2:47 AM edit delete reply
The image at the bottom is actually very alluring and sensual, I really like it. Amo has quite the imagination, and probably kinkier than we think. And the whole page is definitely one of the best comedic moments in the whole story, from the short bits of dialogue to the facial expressions and the situation itself, it's all on point and I love it.
Jiala 23rd Mar 2017, 5:16 PM edit delete reply
Kinkier then we think? Uhh...
Go back through the Archives and see what Amo does throughout the life of this comic... shes been the pervy-est dirtiest minded character who loves to hear everyone elses bedroom story time.
That is not to say shes without her good points, she also seems to be a fairly dependable protective sort.
Guest 20th Mar 2017, 3:11 AM edit delete reply
If that's not a tease towards us I don't know what is. Unless something similar to what she's seeing actually follows, then not so much of one.
Kale 20th Mar 2017, 3:50 AM edit delete reply
Well...it IS better than her having a PTSD moment.

If by better we mean given her an even worse thing to think about for a few hours or so perhaps but...yay solutions?
Guest 20th Mar 2017, 4:02 AM edit delete reply
Not exactly what I thought of but still funny XD
Tenchi-Arizonia 20th Mar 2017, 4:12 AM edit delete reply
I like how Amo thinks.
MviluUatusun 20th Mar 2017, 4:15 AM edit delete reply
I've been reading this for a while now and just realized something. Is it just the male (wolves) that have elongated upper and lower canines? I notice that she only has upper ones. (I don't really know what else to call the canids other than wolves.)
dawndemonica 20th Mar 2017, 1:16 PM edit delete reply
They are Worgen. That is the name of the species from World of Warcraft which this comic is based in.
Jiala 23rd Mar 2017, 5:19 PM edit delete reply
Just to add on to what Dawndemonica said, yeah they're Worgen. Its basically a werewolf without a tail to put it in the most oversimplified way, and in the game they're portrayed this way. Males tend to have something of a dental nightmare for a mouth, females tend to still have a mouthful of pointy teeth but less chaotic then the males.
Redmoonwatcher 20th Mar 2017, 4:24 AM edit delete reply
Heheheh I guess this only further confirms that not even undeath can make Amo less of a perv~
ArticAkita 20th Mar 2017, 4:38 AM edit delete reply
Yep its her own pervy world! until reality snapsin. :P
Loonwulf 20th Mar 2017, 5:08 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, i like this daydream.....
Light Wolf-Bane 20th Mar 2017, 5:19 AM edit delete reply
Careful, your "Death Knight" is showing! ;)
dawndemonica 20th Mar 2017, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
No no, not death knight...she is always like this (dunno how she passed the paladin training though)
Amocin 20th Mar 2017, 1:38 PM edit delete reply
There is nothing within the Paladin guidelines that say you cant be dirty minded.
3D 20th Mar 2017, 6:18 PM edit delete reply
Hell it's probably a requisite.
The Weird Guest 20th Mar 2017, 7:15 PM edit delete reply
Not that we know of, but Paladins in the medieval era definitely would be encouraged not to think in that Manor, and focus on doing their duty. However with Warcraft there isn't anything like the discouragement from Sexual lust.
Taran Silverfang 22nd Mar 2017, 7:37 PM edit delete reply
I don't know if I can post links here or not, but I'm just going to put there right here. Go type Paladin and wikipedia in Google. Paladins are a little different from what Fantasy has made them.
Bararshin Mokushi 20th Mar 2017, 8:04 PM edit delete reply
For some reason that is reminding me of Carl's excuse on 'Van Helsing'. lol
Kajex Surnahm 20th Mar 2017, 8:29 PM edit delete reply
Arbiters of righteousness.

... That ain't the same as "boring and celibate". X3
Mienai 22nd Mar 2017, 10:25 PM edit delete reply
It certainly is not the same.
Guest 20th Mar 2017, 5:23 AM edit delete reply
I want this to have so very very much XD please Amo make it happen XD
Inqu 20th Mar 2017, 5:40 AM edit delete reply
I cant get over her face in panel 5 its so funny X3
Danthehorseman 20th Mar 2017, 5:48 AM edit delete reply
Good to see another 18 plus page been awhile. I hope your well I look forward to more soon. All the best danny
Tripsimon 20th Mar 2017, 6:46 AM edit delete reply
... *Meme* one does not simply hate the druids
Citanul 20th Mar 2017, 8:43 AM edit delete reply
I literally burst out laughing, so well timed, so, so very well timed. I can almost say I saw it coming after the conversation on the previous panel, but I'd only be about half right. XD =^.^=
Aetheos 20th Mar 2017, 10:31 AM edit delete reply
Lol loving the face on Panel 5.
Also damn... amo still wants the D...rogan. >_<
Antoniokontos 20th Mar 2017, 11:14 AM edit delete reply
Please for the love of all that is holy let us see Drogan and shai touch eachothers dicks
Windwalker 24th Mar 2017, 3:48 AM edit delete reply
"Hey Drogan, wanna swordfight?"
PhoenixAJ 20th Mar 2017, 11:22 AM edit delete reply
I agree with one of the comments above! The last scene is incredibly sensual, marvelous!
And that line of "pervy little mind"... That was an enormous, albeit perlas unconscious, wink to the readers that were so eager to ship those three together.

As always, excellent humor, art and storytelling, Amocin!
Gildor 20th Mar 2017, 11:50 AM edit delete reply
I have already said it, but...

This is Amo for you !
Guest 20th Mar 2017, 12:54 PM edit delete reply
idk, like the "perv" face of Drogan more, that should be his normal expression from now on XD
Rubinelle 20th Mar 2017, 1:46 PM edit delete reply
*facepaws* oh...good goddess...Amo...Why...?

Oh who am I kidding, we all saw THAT coming...
Antoniokontos 20th Mar 2017, 3:11 PM edit delete reply
I hope drogan and shai do it while she watches just like the donation pic
B 20th Mar 2017, 2:57 PM edit delete reply
I'm pretty sure you can be straight and have a MMF threesome, but meh, what do I know...
Muddypaws 24th Mar 2017, 8:55 AM edit delete reply
Yeah you can but, double penitration ( especially if both in Amo's vagina - and if Drogan is huge...) might .... naw.

She'd LOVE IT!
Alexandra Longden 20th Mar 2017, 3:38 PM edit delete reply
Have no shame girl tell them your desires set your pervyness free! XD
Drakos_Kyriou 20th Mar 2017, 5:03 PM edit delete reply
*creepy voice whispers from the darkness* "We're all pervs here...so let us in your mind AMO!"
crazieanimefan1 20th Mar 2017, 5:40 PM edit delete reply
I imagined that bottom pic with some hearts and sparkles too XDD Like an anime when they have daydreams!
3D 20th Mar 2017, 6:17 PM edit delete reply
"Actually, I am in there, too. I can read minds, Shai. Would you like to know?" ~Drogan

"... No, I ... I don't. -_-" ~Shaidan
The Weird Guest 20th Mar 2017, 7:18 PM edit delete reply
Watch, the few pages it's in her head, then when it's over she's on the floor masturbating. Lol
Zwarionwany 20th Mar 2017, 7:19 PM edit delete reply
AMO! It's the middle of Lent!!!
Antoniokontos 20th Mar 2017, 10:17 PM edit delete reply
Then you should have stayed away during lent besides I can't wait to see next week I hope. Some gay action wile amo watches
BloodshedSabre 21st Mar 2017, 2:45 PM edit delete reply
Didn't Amo say at one point that the comic itself would be exclusively straight with other such in donation pics?

Confirmation on that?
Amocin 21st Mar 2017, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
I said that a handful of years ago. My main focus for this comic is M/F content because Furry lacks that... or at least it seems to from my point of view.

MMF or FFM still covers that though.
Dargon 23rd Mar 2017, 7:55 AM edit delete reply
I Fully Agree with you that there's not enough M/F action in Furry art, Not that I oppose Gay Furry's....it just I'm not Gay. :p
Antoniokontos 23rd Mar 2017, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
So your saying that we may see some shai and drogan action wile amo sips some coffee enjoying her self lol either way this comic is my favorite thing every week it makes Monday's bearable keep it up
PhoenixAJ 23rd Mar 2017, 11:16 PM edit delete reply
OoO... I usually wouldn't dare to ask anything from the artist in terms of changing or altering their storylines if they already have them planned out... But, please, please, PLEASE, is there a chance the story includes a threesome of these characters, Amocin?? I beseech you, pretty please!!!
The dude 25th Mar 2017, 1:16 AM edit delete reply
You're too right about it that, one look at places like inkbunny or sofurry and you're basically either gay or repulsed
The Weird Guest 20th Mar 2017, 7:23 PM edit delete reply
Her facial expression shows that she wants it now. So who know's what'll happen next
Guest 20th Mar 2017, 7:41 PM edit delete reply
Some of you guys have starting jacking off haven't you?
me 21st Mar 2017, 8:46 AM edit delete reply
yup. some of us are that intrigued
Chocolatemlk 20th Mar 2017, 8:16 PM edit delete reply
*shakes head*
BloodshedSabre 20th Mar 2017, 10:54 PM edit delete reply
Drogan can change forms, right? He just chooses to be a Tauren?

Worgen!Drogan, anyone?
Phoenix blood hep 21st Mar 2017, 4:04 AM edit delete reply
Phoenix blood hep
i totally agree at least as just a taste
Aetheos 21st Mar 2017, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
What's wrong with being tauren? You a tauren hater? *kidding*
That would make for an interesting donation pic though at some point.
BloodshedSabre 22nd Mar 2017, 6:22 AM edit delete reply
I do believe you're correct.

Perhaps Amo/Kinar/Worgen!Drogan?

That is a tempting donation pic to buy. Would Drogan still be red?
Sckhar Leviathan 20th Mar 2017, 11:00 PM edit delete reply
my god xD
She's amazing lol
Antoniokontos 21st Mar 2017, 9:07 AM edit delete reply
No not me I prefer Tauren drogan
BigTuk 21st Mar 2017, 8:45 AM edit delete reply
Yeah She's out. We should either use the time to run, or secure an ample supply of fish oil.
rags 21st Mar 2017, 8:45 AM edit delete reply
ok. I want the address of that pervy little world and the time I can join her
Antoniokontos 21st Mar 2017, 9:10 AM edit delete reply
Just realized that this comic is 5 years old now and started a few moth befor i got into the furry fandom as well as the first webcomic I ever read it's gotten better in time keep up the good work can't wait to see what happens in time
Drakkenfyre 21st Mar 2017, 11:45 AM edit delete reply
"Amocin.exe has encountered an error and has locked itself into an internal logic loop. Inserting Tabs A and A(1) into Slots A and B may be required to restore proper functioning order."
Vedrit 21st Mar 2017, 3:42 PM edit delete reply
Nip slip!
Mirmulnir 21st Mar 2017, 11:11 PM edit delete reply
this makes the theory that the donation pics are all in Amo's pervy imagination all the more plausible
furfan 22nd Mar 2017, 1:54 AM edit delete reply
it can't be... THE FIRST NSFW PIC IN OVER A YEAR????
*hed eksplods*
Antoniokontos 22nd Mar 2017, 3:35 PM edit delete reply
The prophecy foretold it
Ender 22nd Mar 2017, 3:53 PM edit delete reply
Oh my!
WhySoSoft 22nd Mar 2017, 8:40 PM edit delete reply
"Giggles" that face in p5 :D
they're fantastic drawn and very charming!
Dargon 23rd Mar 2017, 7:48 AM edit delete reply
Oh Wow....I like the way Amo thinks...Very Kinky!!♡
Muddypaws 24th Mar 2017, 7:21 PM edit delete reply
I bet Amo is thinking..,"Hey! I'm ALIVE now. Sex should be even better!"
Anon42 25th Mar 2017, 2:46 AM edit delete reply
We'd love to see more action scenes. Its been absent too long.