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4th Sep 2017



4th Sep 2017

Author Notes:

Amocin 4th Sep 2017, 12:00 AM edit delete
Still waiting on the vote for the monthly pic.. So stay tuned.

This month's magnet is Koutack. A sample is up on our Patreon and FA right now.

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RsDino 4th Sep 2017, 3:01 AM edit delete reply
Aawww so cute~
Pyrista 4th Sep 2017, 3:10 AM edit delete reply
"No I'm not, I'm a kitty."
Awwww, so adorable.
danthehorseman 4th Sep 2017, 3:10 AM edit delete reply
so cute. I love it. I hope your well. always look forward to your work. have a nice day. all the best daniel
danthehordeman 4th Sep 2017, 3:12 AM edit delete reply
they are so fluffy I love there faces. I hope your in good health. I think there so cute. great work. have a nice day. all the best. i cant wait to see more soon. bye for now.
Guest 4th Sep 2017, 3:19 AM edit delete reply
Will you posting the full image once all the magnets are out?
Amocin 4th Sep 2017, 7:38 AM edit delete reply
Yes, I will.
Rembrant 4th Sep 2017, 3:56 AM edit delete reply
Mmmffff, much too cute!
Sight 4th Sep 2017, 4:05 AM edit delete reply
"I'm a kitty" the cuteness is over 9000!!!
Redmoonwatcher 4th Sep 2017, 4:07 AM edit delete reply
Eeeeeeeeeee~ The cute levels of this comic are reaching critical mass!
Tenchi-Arizonia 4th Sep 2017, 5:05 AM edit delete reply
i'd guess he identified Joric as a druid by the blue mark on his shoulder.
Amocin 4th Sep 2017, 10:26 AM edit delete reply
Druids are unique in the dream. Others dont really have full awareness while there, nor are they able to really do anything. Druids are fully aware in the dream, and after they work at it, can learn how to manipulate it.. So they could fly if they wanted to, even if they didnt use a flight form.

Joric being in a Druid form was not the only thing that tipped him off.
Stellwrath 4th Sep 2017, 5:23 AM edit delete reply
"no I'm not I'm a kitty" OMFG ADORBES
Steffen 4th Sep 2017, 5:35 AM edit delete reply
oh no, its like every 3rd RP'r from MG "me am der kittehz, meow"
Guest 4th Sep 2017, 5:57 AM edit delete reply
this is so adorable!
DaRealCarry 4th Sep 2017, 6:09 AM edit delete reply
Cuuuuuuute <3
Guest 4th Sep 2017, 6:43 AM edit delete reply
Haha that's cute. Sounds like something I would say when I was little
SteelWings 4th Sep 2017, 6:57 AM edit delete reply
Kitty is the best class.
Brogard 4th Sep 2017, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
No i'm not, I'm a kitty.

*heads explodes because of cuteness overload*
Bizbone 4th Sep 2017, 7:27 AM edit delete reply
LOL Amocin that cute as hell at the last slide.
Neltharain 4th Sep 2017, 7:58 AM edit delete reply
Awww when he said "I'm a kitty"
Sound just like me before they make Cat form easy to play
Guesticus 4th Sep 2017, 8:24 AM edit delete reply
Heh, would have expected him to have said he was a puppy
Maryalee 4th Sep 2017, 9:52 AM edit delete reply
Cow Dad to the rescue.
Me 4th Sep 2017, 10:01 AM edit delete reply
I feel like a chance for a Lion King reference was missed.
crazieanimefan1 4th Sep 2017, 10:14 AM edit delete reply
I also thought Lion King!
Amocin 4th Sep 2017, 10:23 AM edit delete reply
I saw the opportunity, and I avoided it. Thought it would be too cheesy.
Novali 9th Sep 2017, 1:27 PM edit delete reply
Cheese is delicious though! :D
Kingkmodo 4th Sep 2017, 10:39 AM edit delete reply
So the real question is is the whole druid thing from mom and dad or did he pick up some tricks because of spending time with his friend? The sad thing is I think his friend is in that dark area.
Aestral 4th Sep 2017, 12:44 PM edit delete reply
He can't be in there. Any Dream denizen touched by the Nightmare gets quickly corrupted, as seen in Val'sharah. If he was in the Nightmare, his physical body would get twisted and corrupted, and he'd be black and red. Considering the fact that we've seen him all green and fine 3 pages ago, it's safe to assume that he's safe somewhere in the Dream.
Kingkmodo 5th Sep 2017, 2:57 AM edit delete reply
I will claim ignorance here. Never played WoW so all the lore is lost to me. But I will thank you for the info as I didn't know this. Kind of assumed since that's kind of what the battle was over he might be stuck there or something.
Aetheos 6th Sep 2017, 12:15 AM edit delete reply
The art of druidry is something that is taught. Not inherited.It's "possible" he learned it from the green dragon or someone else. But it's also possible it's just a part of his dream. But gasp! He speaks! Enough questions! Adore him!
Rubinelle 4th Sep 2017, 2:08 PM edit delete reply
*headdesks* Oh my god, i can't even...So cute...My heart...Its melting all over.
WhySoSoft 4th Sep 2017, 2:38 PM edit delete reply
Awww, my heart is melting great page as always! :3
Guest 4th Sep 2017, 3:03 PM edit delete reply
"No I'm not, I'm a kitty."
That is literally the cutest thing I've read all day :3
Windwalker 4th Sep 2017, 6:15 PM edit delete reply
"No I'm not, I'm a kitty."

Can't argue with that.

Also, both the page and all the comments remind me of this: https://xkcd.com/231/
Dargon 5th Sep 2017, 8:43 AM edit delete reply
Dawww.....a Kitty.....and a Rather Friendly one at that! Can never be to careful in an unknown situation.
SintelYT 6th Sep 2017, 12:54 PM edit delete reply
Silly tauren, Joric is a kitty
Lytewings 6th Sep 2017, 7:39 PM edit delete reply
thats TOOO cute! " no im a kitty" *loves it amo!!
Golden Dragon 6th Sep 2017, 10:52 PM edit delete reply
I'll say this again. I want to reach through the screen and start petting him.
Golden Dragon 6th Sep 2017, 10:55 PM edit delete reply
"No I'm not, I'm a kitty", he says. Then why do you have the same symbol on your shoulders like Serid? Hmmmm.
Guesticus 7th Sep 2017, 1:02 AM edit delete reply
Probably because he doesn't know what a Druid <I>is</I>
DSquad 7th Sep 2017, 1:10 AM edit delete reply
Seriously, these last two pages have been adorable with their interactions now that Joric is no longer a feral worgen. And the last line, makes me melt and want to hug and cuddle Joric like he's a real life kitty :D