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First Sight

6th Apr 2020

First Sight

First Sight

6th Apr 2020

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Danthehordeman 6th Apr 2020, 4:31 AM edit delete reply
Wow nice colour and nice design and detail. I hope your well i hope your keeping you all safe. I hope your well have a nice day all the best take care be safe best wishes high regards Daniel
Danthehorseman 6th Apr 2020, 4:34 AM edit delete reply
Wow there faces are so cute and warm. And filled with joy and love and yet sadness. I am glad she has got her brother back and now her son. Very warm and sad at the same time. I was hoping to see them fight with the chains with the little red drake or whelp x
Dreamfox 6th Apr 2020, 5:07 AM edit delete reply
Congratulations to some great timing in storytelling. I have been thinking about it several times, but I forgot it again.
No one had time to tell Kinar that her son had been already cured.

It's also nice to see Gath and Jetnara being happy to take care of his nephew, though if they choose the cure, he really has to learn on how to hold on children :-)
Guest 6th Apr 2020, 5:34 AM edit delete reply
Jetnara and Ghath look so cute with Jorin, if they weren’t death knights they’d make some
Cute babies ^^ least they’re fan be great auntie and uncle
Guest 6th Apr 2020, 5:35 AM edit delete reply
Even though her heart is broken, one of the best mends is her young son who is now A play.
Kajex 6th Apr 2020, 5:58 AM edit delete reply
If nothing else, she has her pup back: and that means alot. <3

Also, I love how Uncle Ghath and Aunt Jetnara are taking care of him. X3 It's a cute first panel.
Nighthuntertauren 6th Apr 2020, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
This looks so warming after her husband just been taken out by an over zealous Paladin
withpuppys 6th Apr 2020, 10:51 AM edit delete reply
I don't think she was being overzealous, she recognized it couldn't end any other way and decided to kill mordin herself to spare her friend from having to kill her husband a second time
Long time fan 6th Apr 2020, 11:17 AM edit delete reply
Ummm Kinar killed her husband, Denor. Amo killed Mordin, the undead evil version of Denor.
Windwalker 6th Apr 2020, 2:35 PM edit delete reply
It doesn't count as being overzealous when the man in question has made it absolutely clear that he has absolutely no regrets and no desire to change back to how he used to be.

Kinar made several attempts at saving her husband, and all of them failed. Amo stepped in when it became clear that nothing was going to work, and that it would be better if she was the one to do it.

Basically Amo decided that she should be the one to have the blood of a monster on her hands, because otherwise Kinar would have the blood of her husband on her hands. Or worse, Kinar would die at the hands of her husband.

Was there the possibility that Denor could still be saved? Maybe. However with all prior attempts having failed the odds were extremely small and filled with risks.
Kale Shibata 6th Apr 2020, 5:27 PM edit delete reply
Amo wanted to save Kinar the pain of having to do the deed herself in the end. they couldn't let Mordin run off with that lich to cause any trouble, and leaving him alive proved too problemmatic if he wasn't going to change.

honestly i think Amo was more worried if she let Kinar decide that and do it it would scar her far more than if amo did it instead.
Gucciglad 6th Apr 2020, 6:05 AM edit delete reply
I guess there is something good that came out after all!
Maw Fireheart 6th Apr 2020, 7:41 AM edit delete reply
antoniokontos 6th Apr 2020, 8:09 AM edit delete reply
I don't think anything can top Joric
ArticAkita 6th Apr 2020, 12:37 PM edit delete reply
Holding on to a excited child gives new meaning to holding a bar of wet soap.
Nathan 6th Apr 2020, 2:43 PM edit delete reply
Such a touching scene. Shes been through hell, and watched her lover die. To come back to the fort and to see her child, would be like cold water over a dry and cracked earth. Your art has been a pure joy to read and follow. You are one of my top 3 favorite artists, and I look forward to as many more pages as you plan to make. Take care, and be well.
Thwaitesy 6th Apr 2020, 4:20 PM edit delete reply
One good thing has come out of this for Kinar. She has her Son back!
Rembrant 6th Apr 2020, 10:12 PM edit delete reply
This is it. If there is something, anything, that Kinar needs right now, it's her son. Finally we can see them reunited.
Claire Dobbs 7th Apr 2020, 5:04 PM edit delete reply
oh my!!! how precious is the son!! <3
Maryalee 8th Apr 2020, 7:34 PM edit delete reply
A life was taken from her.

A life has been returned to her.

The Balance has been restored.

No words necessary. Beautifully done, Amocin.
Guesticus 11th Apr 2020, 5:57 PM edit delete reply
Nice optimistic view... until you realise that she use to have _two_ lives precious to her, now just one
Guesticus 11th Apr 2020, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
Great to see that other girl came back with them :D