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I have decided to open myself up for commissions.  Currently there is a google document that I am using to manage the commissions, one you sign up you'll be put in a list and I'll get to the commissions in the order that I receive the request.  I won't bill you until I am about to start working on your commission.  Payments will be invoiced via PayPal.  Pricing is below.  If you don't know if a commission will be accepted or not, feel free to email me.
Sign Up Here!
Keep in mind the following:
  • As this has the potential to become an ever growing list there is no guarantee that I will get to your commission soon.  This is a first come first serve basis.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • I reserve the right to end a commission at any time and will refund based off how much work was done on the commission.. If I hadn't started, you will get a full refund. If I only sketched/inked it, you will likely get 75% or more of your original purchase.
  • I will not draw copy-written characters in adult/explicit situations. 
  • You may repost your commission on your gallery, but please link back to me, and do not claim the artwork as your own or make profit off the image.